Wake up the child in you!

Wake up the child in you!

If there is one thing we can envy to children, it is their creative limitless. Give them a piece of wood and in a few minutes it will become the best game in the world.

With our perception of adults, this piece of wood can not be anything else, but for a child it can be transformed into a car, a house, a telephone, a grocery store, an eraser or even a gear lever. !

The virtues of childhood

Tell a story to a child and he can imagine it as if he were in front of a movie. Their immense creativity allows them to visualize without difficulty the smallest details: the environment in which the story takes place, the characters, the sounds, the colors, the smells …

Introduce your child to a group of other children he does not know and in a few minutes he will play with them as if they have known each other forever.

The child is a being in full development, that's why he dreams, he imagines, he creates, he asks questions, he invents …

We destroy the child who is in us

As soon as we begin to grow we already forget the benefits and wonders of our childhood. We no longer ask questions because "adults know everything". We are no longer dreaming because "adults must keep their feet on the ground". We judge others and "meticulously choose our friends".

Once we leave childhood, we grow in mistrust. If an idea does not coincide with ours, then it is false. Whatever the reasoning, if it is not in our opinions or our ways of doing things, then we reject the idea. As if it were better to dismiss an idea that could make us change our mind …

Happiness can not find its place in a closed mind

Waking the child in us does not mean being immature, it just means giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy life and open up your mind a little more.

The next time you meet someone who does not have the same ideas as you, try to change the way you see things. Most of the time you will realize that this person, who seems so different from you, can bring you positive ideas that will make you think about your own existence.

This person knows places other than those you know and she really appreciates them, as in your childhood, when your parents took you to walk in places that you found fascinating.

You will then realize that it is possible to go thousands of times to the same place and always find it so magical every time you return.

Awaken this inner child and find all the magic of childhood: spontaneity and fullness, that we should never forget growing up.

Photo courtesy of Hugh Bell

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