Volunteering: emotional hydration

Volunteering: emotional hydration

Why do unpaid work and invest time and effortwhile we could do it by receiving a salary? There may be many people who ask this question before volunteering. And many may even change their minds if they can not find valid reasons for doing so.

However, if you are a person who likes to help others and is motivated to do so, becoming a volunteer is a good way to develop that motivation. In addition to being an activity that, in itself, produces a reward,volunteering hydrates our emotions. It generates great personal, emotional, emotional, professional and social benefits.

Discover new realities

To live integrated in a society, it is necessary to raise the eyes of our navel. If we remain immersed in our problems, it may be because we are not able to appreciate and value what we have around us. Outside, and not necessarily very far, many people have fallen into social ostracism.

These people are children, adolescents or adults who suffer from any type ofstigmatized disease or addictions. These are helpless, destitute families, or even orphaned children.But all these people have something in common: they need us to stand together.

Helping others as an act of generosity is one of the most valued behaviors of others. And by ourselves. But sometimes we have a lot of trouble getting rid of interests and focusing fully on each other. Do not forget: wherever we go, there will always be people in need.Contributing to the common good is therefore not only possible: it is also urgent and inevitable.

Positive health effects

Being satisfied with yourself is rewarding. The benefits noted on volunteers' health can therefore often be compared to those of sport or rest. Many people who work in groups feel that they are part of a whole, something bigger.The tasks or activities to be done increase self-esteem.They serve to improve the quality of life and the lives of other people.

These sensations reinforce our emotional system.We will therefore less easily fall into a depression or a state of stress. It will also be more difficult for us to feel this unwanted feeling of loneliness, which is so devastating in the news.

Know yourself

Boredom is a good opportunity to explore our most creative side. Often,when we always do the same thing, we want to take new paths.To go against this law of cognitive economy that governs our planning.

The people who carry out a voluntary service are thosewho have discovered an unpaid way of working that interests them.Being able to support other people challenges them. Moreover, it pushes them to give their time in this activity for the common good.

It increases your professional protection

Normally,volunteers have concerns that go far beyond the immediate field.They are concerned about the collective well-being and, in general, show initiative. Their thoughts and intentions are aimed at improving an aspect of the social or cultural field.

It is for this reason that they are so appreciated by the headhunters. These head hunters seek to recruit people who know how to work in groups and are not afraid of challenges.Workers who are proactive, committed, serious and involved.And if this volunteer is part of your branch of academic specialization, the experience can double in value.

Acquisition of new skills

Having another type of responsibility, far from the ones you have always known, will allow you to gain experience. You will be able to develop new emotional skills,social and intellectual. Some NGOs even offer you the opportunity to take very useful courses or training.

For example, a shy person may learn to communicate with others in a gradual and effective way.An impatient teenager will understand that knowing how to wait is sometimes the best strategy.Someone who is intolerant may experience a real lesson in humility and someone sensitive will see that empathy can also be limited.

As we see, the benefits of volunteering are many and tangible.But you do not know the best yet! This is the contagion effect.Seeing that people around you are involved in a cause increases the subjective value of that cause. Usually, volunteers admit to receiving much more than they give.Why ? Because this experience is unique and makes you grow as a person. So why not try ?

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