Virtual relationships: what to expect?

Virtual relationships: what to expect?

With the evolution of technology and the emergence of new means of communication have appeared new kinds of relationships (love or friendship): virtual relationships.

This type of relationship can bring nice surprises but also many psychological problems that will mark our lives forever. In general, love always brings great satisfaction. However, no one is ever safe from disappointment …

Experts say online relationships can lead to addiction. When a person falls in love in this way, a series of expectations is put in place.

And if they are not satisfied, they can sometimes give way to frustrating disappointments. For example, if one of the two partners does not make any effort to concretize the relation and that this one is limited only to the virtual one, the other one can only face a disillusionment.

Remote Relations

Many relationships between Internet users have appeared recently, mixing different countries and different cultures. Some have become "real" and have gone beyond the simple link offered by the Internet.

When two people make contact on the net and an emotional bond is created, several factors come into play, not only feelings, but also human values ​​that form the basis of any relationship, such as trust, honesty and sincerity.

When you start a relationship at a distance, you can never say that you know perfectly well the other person. Thus, the relationship may be based on lies and betrayals.

The authenticity of the links created by the Internet is difficult to verify; so that the person who is considered his or her half (and with whom one has made projects), can turn out to be an entirely different person.

The desillusion

Discovering the personality of our half, encountered on the net, is an essential element in theonline relationships. After a while, when the two people are in love with each other, comes the stage of the "real", which is the most important and the most decisive.

If many relationships that started on the net end well, we must not forget that there are also many disappointments.

Sometimes it turns out that the person we were madly in love with was not what we thought. This great disillusionment that marks the end of the relationship can happen at the crucial moment when the relationship goes from virtual to real.

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