Video games and intelligence: what is their relationship?

Video games and intelligence: what is their relationship?

There is no doubt that video games have largely changed the way we use our free time. They are protagonists of meetings with friends, moments alone. In addition, they represent an annual investment of nearly $ 100,000 million. We all played there at one point. We usually associate them with moments of disconnection in which we do not want to think too much. Andif our favorite video game was beneficial to our brain?Do video games and intelligence have a link?

We will discuss below the change we experienced in our perception of the world through video games. We will see that all video games do not generate the same cognitive effect.

What is gamification

This term comes from the English wordgame(thu). It refers to the use ofgames of different natures (digital or analog, new or old) so that, applied to a specific exercise, they influence the development of an activity.It is generally used in didactics to refer to the game in class, always with the aim of improving the learning and cognitive development of students.

We can gamify almost any activity. Simple, dynamic and analog games help us more for that. heHowever, it is becoming increasingly easy to access online content in classes. Video games are gradually making their way there. They can be the activity or a supplement that students do at home. So many parents expressed their dissatisfaction. Video games are not yet accepted as a source of knowledge.

Video games and intelligence: why?

There are several reasons why we consider thatvideo games and cognitive development are connected. Since 2005, the Shaffer, Squire, Halverson and Gee study has established a relationship between learning and video games. This is not the first time that games and intelligence are associated. It is almost generally known that chess (which is actually a sport) positively affects logical reasoning.

That's what games likeLeague of Legends orBattlefield 3. Bothcontribute very positively to different areas of the brain. They ultimately promote cognitive development.Like chess, it is necessary to develop a good strategy to excel in the first. Perfect coordination between eyes and hands is essential in the second because speed offers us a multitude of advantages.

It could be a valid bias when we talk about cognitive benefits.Video games require of us various capacities, physical or mental, that we can have, for example, according to the type of intelligence that dominates us.A player with good spatial intelligence will excel in strategy games. Another with a good linguistic-verbal intelligence will be at Scrabble, for example.

Not all video games

The next question will probably be: "Does this mean that any video game can make me smarter?" The answer is no.We generally need to look for those who increase our ability to process information and our ability to solve problems.

We must also consider the recommended minimum age for playing a particular video game.Failure to meet this age limit may affect the possible benefits. Let the children play violent games can influence their social perception. They could indeed lose interest in the people around them. Such an incidence is however not systematic. It supposes the presence of other variables such as, in particular, an aggressive personality, a personality disorder or a conflicting education.

This does not mean that violent games are not adequate to stimulate our intelligence. Several studies support this hypothesis. It is only necessary to understand that this only happens with the adult population.It is only when we have reached cognitive adulthood that we can discern perfectly between reality and fiction.

To conclude. Video games are, in essence, positive and even necessary. This does not mean that there is no analog equivalent (any ball sport improves coordination in the same way that a video game likeBattlefield). However, we can not ignore the benefits of these new sources of knowledge.

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