Values ​​education, a shared responsibility

Values ​​education, a shared responsibility

Values ​​education is a very broad, broad and indeterminate concept which does not only concern teachers. It also affects parents and society in general. However, we do not give it the attention it deserves. In fact, it is often put aside to better promote the memorization of knowledge or learning materials.

There is something more important than having a good grade on an exam or a good report card at the end of each term.It is the teaching of respect and responsibility, life in cohabitation and with a social conscience.Unfortunately, few people rely on values ​​education as a way of transforming society.

Values ​​education is essential

Why are there so many cases of bullying at school?When did things get so bad that parents no longer have authority over their children? Why do the young people, after having participated in a well-watered party, let all their bottles hang around? The answer is clear: because we do not give enough importance to values ​​education.

Providing this type of education and transmitting it adequately may be difficult. It requires mostly time. This is something that many parents and teachers are not willing to offer to younger people. We may have become too selfish. Or the future of our children may not interest us.

"Teaching equality and respect means educating against violence."

-Benjamin Franklin-

We sometimes think of teaching values ​​to children. Do not we tell them what to do or not? Do not we set them limits?Yes, that's not a shadow of a doubt. But do we give them the example? There is no point in telling a child "throw your papers in the trash" if we do not pick up what we drop on the floor. To tell him to "make peace" with his brother or sister is also not productive when we are cold with our family.

Example is the most valuable teaching.The most important values ​​are transmitted through our actions and our words. We can not ask our children to treat others as equals if we do not do it ourselves.

Values ​​education is therefore necessary. For young people, yes, but also for us.It gives us the opportunity to relearn what we have not learned in the best way.

The most important aspects of values ​​education

It is essential that a subject that speaks and transmits values ​​exists. And it is essential that it be included in any other subject.This type of education should be present in all homes and in society in general.But which aspects focuses on values ​​education?

  • She develops a critical spiritabout consumption habits, among other things.
  • It stresses equal opportunities,irrespective of race, culture, sex, nationality or religion.
  • She teaches standards to treat the environment with care,by avoiding damaging it and knowing how to appreciate its value.
  • It transmits a tolerancein relation to the sexuality of others.
  • It encourages responsible consumptionproviding people with tools to make conscious choices.

Here are some aspects that we try to convey with values ​​education. They give us an idea of ​​its purpose. The big question is:why not educate people in classrooms or homes?Perhaps because the only important thing in the classroom is the program to follow. And because, at home, we can not do something we have not been taught.

"The goal of education is knowledge of values, not facts."

-William Ralph Inge-

Discover and know what values ​​education isopens up a range of possibilities to learn more about it.And to start transmitting them to the youngest.

We always complain about people who do not respect the environment. Which burn fertile and green lands in times of great heat. We also complain about racism or intolerance about the sexuality of others. Because it still exists today.But complaining is useless.

To address this topic,Values ​​education must be considered a real priority.Because above all else, we train and help people to grow. It does not matter what they already know or what knowledge they have. The bottom line is that these people are good people. For this, we must become aware of one fact: this type of education is a responsibility. The responsibility of all.

Educate with common sense

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