Use your smile to change the world

Use your smile to change the world

An anonymous philosopher from Ancient Greece said "Smile to life and life will smile on you". In fact, smiling is sometimes the best way to help change the world. The smile changes the way we see things making us more flexible and stronger in the most difficult situations in life.

A person who dresses with a smile, optimistic and happy, has a lower probability of suffering from diseases and more chances of achieving a long life. Contrasting studies have highlighted the fact that people with emotional stability characterized by positive feelings, illusion, vitality, hope, understanding, passing and a high degree of satisfaction in their lives have a stronger health.

Smile to life is not characteristic of someone leading a superficial life but a smart life. In fact, we differentiate the ability of optimists to solve their problems to that of pessimists who drown in a glass of water and who ignore their problems or who flee them. In this way, we can talk about the smile as a characteristic that acts as a protector vis-à-vis the many complicated situations.

"Use your smile to change the world and not let the world change your smile."


A medicine called a smile

The smile is a specifically human characteristic just like laughter (whose nature is fundamentally psychological). This behavior is associated with a very beneficial capacity for action on the global state of people even with regard to physiological dimensions. The smile can therefore be understood as a true therapeutic practice about which there are numerous studies and scientifically documented results.

The presence of humor and its companion, the smile, is beneficial for the good state of the body and even more important for the psychic well-being. Among the benefits of the smile we can mention the following:

  • He teaches people to be more modest
  • It helps to connect with others in a relaxed way away from excessive individualism
  • It eliminates the fear of ridicule
  • It helps to relativize reality by looking for different perspectives of what makes existence more complicated
  • It promotes the discovery of solutions to the problems of everyday life
  • It promotes adaptation to change
  • It serves to diminish the frustration caused by the perception of our own limitations
  • It helps to defend against criticisms or offenses who challenge our emotional balance
  • It helps prevent conflict by acting as an airbag to hold the invasion of negative situations.
"After every storm smiles the sun, for every problem there is a solution and the irrevocable duty of the mind is to be in a good mood."

Life is like a mirror, we get better results when we smile

Sometimes, joy is the source of our smile. But on other occasions, smiling when we feel bad can allow us to be in a better mood. Often we underestimate the power of little things. On the other hand, gestures such as a caress, a smile, a kind word, an attentive ear or an honest commitment have the potential to change a life.

Imagine how the world would be if people smiled more frequently. There is no need to talk, do not agree, the only thing we have to do is smile! The smile breaks the barriers, relieves tension and is the first step to make a new friend.

Smile allows us to feel better about ourselves even when we do not feel like it. The smile is for humanity what the sun is for flowers. For that and many other reasons, the smile is a free therapy.

"Humor is like not being afraid to think, it shows that we can see things differently from our habits."

Although smiling is not the only cure for negative moods, it's one of the most powerful. For this, the next time you notice that you are "in a bad mood" and that everything is wrong. Why not face the world with a smile? In the end, the worst thing that could happen to you would be to keep exactly the same attitude. The likely benefits of the smile are almost unimaginable.

For it, every time you create what you need, use your smile as if it were your greatest weapon because that's what he is.

Before changing the world, go around your house

To change the world begins by changing oneself and knowing oneself. Small actions will be the first step in an overall improvement. Learn more
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