Use positive language to change your attitude to life

Use positive language to change your attitude to life

Using positive language can transform our livesbecause it helps us to improve the way we communicate, the relationships we have with others … In a way, positive language also influences how we think about the world. In fact,it has the potential to change our mood and move us towards happiness.

We complain daily and criticize what makes us uncomfortable.If it's cold, if it's raining, if we have to queue at the bank or supermarket, if we have a lot of work, if what we eat does not please us … We focus all our energy on what we disturbs. In other words, we focus on the negative and changing what we do not like becomes much more difficult.

However, if we use positive language, the possibilities will open up around us and this will affect our brain. In fact, if we send him positive messages, he will answer us differently. Therefore,if our thoughts are rich and affirmative, our chances of living a happy life will increase tenfold.

Using positive language improves our relationships with others and with ourselves, enabling us to be happier.

The power of positive language

Words have immense power. They are able to have an immediate effect on our mood andcan even persist in time by settling in our mind and heart.For example, think of a time of the week when you felt good because of something you were told. And remember those hurtful words spoken by this particular person.

The philosopher Luis Castellanos is a pioneer in the research on positive language. This researcher applies the discoveries of neuroscience to everyday life. So, he is able tocreate innovative strategies, tools and practical solutions to produce extraordinary change in people's lives.

It uses, as main tool, the clinical results obtained through scanners and electroencephalographies. In his research, he has observed how synaptic connections of the brain behave from the use of positive and negative words. Luis Castellanosdemonstrated the effectiveness of positive language in education.

"You have to claim the value of the word, this powerful tool that can change our world, even at this time of satellites and computers".

-William Golding-

Use positive language

Here are five keys that will help you apply the power of positive language to your life.

Change your language

The first step is to know what you want to convey,what you want to retain the person you are talking to. For this, try not to use negative words and even less vexing or depreciative.

If, at some point, a person has not acted appropriately, you can let them know in a positive way instead of relying on destructive criticism. Try to tell her that she is entitled to a second chance or that you appreciate the effort she is making. Eliminate from your vocabulary general expressions such as "you do not know how to do anything right" or "you are nothing but good".

Change your mood

Write a list of motivating words (fun, nice, a lot, discover, good, thank you, happy, smile …) and try to read them aloud whenever you need to modify and manage your emotions. You will see how this exercise quickly changes your mood.

The important thing isregulate our language through coaching and consolidate the habit of expressing ourselves positively.A fundamental aspect to take into account will be to be aware of the emotions we feel and then use the appropriate words. All this in order to feel better.

Avoid negative labels

Cataloging a person as "awkward," "useless," or "lazy" directly affects how others perceive that person. And, even more serious:the own individual will eventually believe that he is really like that.

Labels condition the appreciation of others about us. They also condition our future successes. If you have to label someone, try to do it in a positive and motivating way.

Communicate through emotions

This key is related to the previous point. We must be aware of our own emotions but also try to put ourselves in the shoes of others to know what words to use. It improves the self-esteem of those who listen to us and their perception of themselves. Thus, our interlocutorswill feel that they are able to take on new challenges and will learn that mistakes imply opportunities.

Thanks to words, we can make people laugh, cry, suffer, despair or motivate others … Use positive languagecan therefore change the way we think and the vision we have of the world.

Have a positive language and optimism

Using positive language brings out the best in ourselves. Rely on an optimistic speechcan motivate us at an important moment.Training and including the use of positive language in our routine directly affects how we perceive the world.

As Castellanos says in his speech, we all deserve to be able to create a good story, to lead a good life. For that, we must take care of our language because it will take care of us. The wordsare one of the best investments we can make to have a good future and good emotional health.

Positive language will make you happier-its

Positive language is a very effective tool to be happier and more productive. Use it to benefit from its benefits! Learn more
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