Twins and fraternal twins: biological and psychological differences

Twins and fraternal twins: biological and psychological differences

The difference between twins and fraternal twins can be confusing for those who are not familiar with the subject.Some even think that these terms are synonymous.But there is nothing more wrong.

We will solve this little problemby denying some myths and specifying the difference between twins and false twins.We will define them in this order.

The twin brothers, tooknown as monozygotic, univitelline or identical twins,are those that come from a single sperm that has fertilized a single egg. This zygote (the egg with the spermatozoon) divides into two forming two embryos with the same genetic load.Two identical babies will be born at the same time.

False twins, also known asdizygotic, bivitelline or fraternal twins,are those resulting from the fertilization of two eggs by two different spermatozoa. Like this, two babies who may be identical or very different are born at the same time.

Physical differences between twins and fraternal twins

One of the big puzzles for those who want to differentiate between twins and twins isphysical differences or similarities between brothers / sisters.Most of the time, the twins are "identical". In other words, there are practically no differences between them. Why ? Because they share the entire genetic load. If they have physical differences, it is only due to external factors such as scars or different hairstyles.

The fake twins are as much alike as two usual sisters / brothers.They may have differences in size, skin tone, etc. In some cases, false twins can look very similar because they share about 50% of the genetic load. However, they are never identical.

In addition, there is a golden rule.They are necessarily false twins if they have a different sex (girl and boy).The twin / twin brothers are always of the same sex.

Do the twins have the same fingerprints and the same type of blood?

In the case of blood,the twins have the same because they share the same genetic load.In contrast, the blood type of the fraternal twins may be different.

In addition, twins share many characteristics but fingerprints are not part of it.Identical twins do not have the same fingerprintsbecause these are not solely determined by genetics. The lines of the fingers are formed by intrauterine forces during the gestation period.

The twins are not 100% identical.There are many differences, although many are imperceptible at first glance.

Psychological differences between twins and fraternal twins

The twins, like the false twins, share a very special and special connection.They have a greater connection than brothers / sisters who were born at different times. The twins and fraternal twins are born together, they were raised together: their links are therefore incomparable.

As for their personalities, it will depend on the education received.The twins normally have complementary or even dependent personalities. It's as if they divide everything between them. One will have greater motor skills and the other will have greater social skills.

False twins will have different or similar personalities depending on their physical similarities. We must also take into account education and the special relationship that exists between them.Fake twins tend to have a personality that resembles that of other "usual siblings".

Twins and fraternal twins can even invent a special language to talk to each other(This can also occur in normal brethren, but it is less common). This special language is known as cryptophasia. It is for this reason that they speak a little later than the rest of the children.

So,twins and fraternal twins may share certain fads, tastes, and forms of social behavior.Ultimately,they have a lot of features in common.Especially at the level of the psychological aspect.

It is therefore important to make the difference between the two terms.The characteristics are identical or different for each other.Just like the probability of sharing a particular disease.

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