Tumushido, a beautiful folk tale from the Orient

Tumushido, a beautiful folk tale from the Orient

This beautiful folk tale of the East is divided into two parts. Each one delivers its own teaching but we only find one protagonist:the master Tumushido. A very wise old man who lived thousands of years ago and whose lessons are engraved in the collective memory.

The first part of the story says that an imposing samurai lived in a remote village.He was an extremely fierce warrior, known for his irascibility. He did not tolerate being contradicted and had an exaggerated pride.

"The word belongs half to the one who pronounces it and half to the one who listens to it."

-Michel de Montaigne-

The samurai reacted with such ferocity and agility that everyone feared him.If someone annoyed him, he immediately took out his sword and the person in front was frightened. This warrior went on a journey. He crossed a small village in which all the inhabitants seemed in a hurry. They were all heading to the same place.

The master Tumushido

Intrigued by the situation, the samurai stopped one of the men running. He asked her what was happening.The man told him that everyone was heading to Tumushido's house.The samurai was perplexed.

"Who is the Tumushido master?" he asked then. The man was surprised at the question. He could not believe that the samurai did not know everything about the master. "He is the wisest of the masters, and every evening at this hour he gives us his teachings.And all the people of the village will listen to him ".

The samurai wondered. He had never heard of Master Tumushido. But it was obviously a person whom everyone respected.His pride and pride were stung. He did not tolerate the fact that someone could be superior to him.

The meeting with the master

The samurai did not hold anymore. He had to listen to Master Tumushido to see if he deserved that reputation. So he went to where the villagers had gone.When he arrived, the master was saying that the word was the most powerful force on Earth.

The samurai shouted with rage:"You are a perfect idiot! The greatest force in the world is the sword, ignorant man!"The master TumushidoThen rose from his chair and shouted:"How can you say such a thing? You are only a stupid man! You can see for miles all the ignorance behind you!"

Hearing this, the samurai became angry. He jumped from where he was, his saber in his hand, grabbed the master and threatened to slit his throat. Tumushido began to beg him to spare him."Do not kill me, valiant samurai, forgive my offense.I discovered that your sword is the most powerful thing ever. " The warrior calmed down."I'm going to spare you, you're a good man,"he said.

Master Tumushido stood up and said: "The word is the most powerful force in the world You saw how I could dominate you with him?I wanted you to attack me and you did it. I then wanted you to calm down and you also obeyed me” .

The second samurai

When a second samurai heard this story, he was invaded by curiosity.He wanted to know this wise man and show him that he could not be dominated by the force of the word.So he left for the village. He was convinced he could show that Tumushido was just an impostor.

When he arrived at the village, Master Tumushido was in the middle of the square. He was talking to a group of people who were listening to him. The second samurai mingled with the crowd. At the moment when nobody expected it,he began to scream and frightened everyone. "I challenge you, old impostor! If you are as wise and powerful as you say, you can fight against me and triumph! ". The master looked at him for a moment. He then nodded to say he was taking up the challenge.

All the villagers circled and surrounded the second samurai and the master Tumushido. The latter closed his eyes and sat down with a submissive attitude. The warrior thought he had intimidated him and wanted to provoke him.He began to shout at him the worst insults he knew. But the master did not react.It lasted for hours, until the samurai gave up. He finally left, saying that the old man was only an impostor.

When the second samurai was gone, the villagers were disconcerted."How could you let yourself be insulted this way, without reacting?"they asked the old man.” If someone gives you a present and you refuse, who owns the gift? "asked the master Tumushido."To whoever wanted to offer it"answered a young man."The same goes for anger, insults and hatred, when you do not accept them, they continue to belong to the one who wears them in his heart,"replied the master.

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