Train your memory with simple exercises

Train your memory with simple exercises

Who does not dream of having an infallible memory?

Memory is one of the human faculties we use the most, and this every day, without necessarily being aware of it.

There are many books and techniques that can help us maintain our memory, and even improve it, so that we can remember a multitude of things much more easily.

There are all kinds ofsimple exercises that you can put into practice to train your memory, at any time of the day. These exercises do not take much time, and can be very effective.

Train your memory with simple exercises

The best way to train your memory effectively is to do exercises, and the evolution will be visible from day to day if you do it seriously. Indeed, there are very simple exercises to perform that can be very effective.

To begin, you canchange your wrist watch (by wearing it on the left if you are used to wearing it on the right, and vice versa), and you will see, by looking at the time, that you will quickly get used to this change.

On the other hand, getting dressed by closing your eyes or trying to walk forward and backwards at home are other exercises you can put into practice to train your memory.

Some more complicated exercises

If you want to go a little further, there are more complicated exercises. Choose a random phrase from a book you like, and try to reconstruct it differently using the same words.

Doing mental math can also help you have good memory. Whenever you are in a crowded place, try to quickly count how many people are around you.

You can also train your memory by playing with words. To do this, choose a word, and try to find as quickly as possible between 5 and 10 other words that begin with the same letter.

By realizing them every day, number games, or other brain hobbies, can help you improve your memory in a fun way, and make you forget all the worries of the everyday for a moment.

Other factors that may affect your memory

In addition to memory games, some lifestyle habits can also be effective if you want to improve our memory. Indeed, certain foods, for example nuts, are real sources of sodium, an essential mineral for brain health.
So just make sure you have a balanced diet, and you'll have good memories for much longer.

On the other hand, some lifestyle habits can affect your memory, such as the abuse of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or any other harmful substance. You must be aware that memory is part of your health, and that you must take care of it as much as the rest of your body.

Remember one thing: Memory is not just a human faculty, it is an integral part of your health.

If you want to have good memory for a long time, you have to take care of it. A balanced diet, a regular practice of memory exercises and good habits of life are essential if you want to keep your memory in good condition.

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