Today I feel good and I do not need to shout it on social networks

Today I feel good and I do not need to shout it on social networks

Today, I feel good when I look in the mirror, and I do not need to take a picture of myself for others to see. I went out into the street and smiled at the people I met. I did not need to publish it on social networks to get the most "likes". These smiles are so much more …

We have all been surprised by the fact that some people could be absorbed by these new means of communication that are social networks.

They expose their lives, their thoughts and other more common facts on social networks, as someone who would unveil all his soul, revealing his own fears and his own imperfections.

Certainly, new technologies and social networks are wonderful tools that have enriched our lives. They connect people and reduce distance – not to say worlds – and give us greater access to new knowledge.

However, as is often the case,every object in the hands of a person will have a purpose and a concrete purpose.

What is hiding behind those people who need to publish their thoughts every moment, or who post a selfie in front of their mirror every hour? Let's look at that a little closer …

I need your attention, your immediate gratification

With the emergence of social networks, a new way of interacting has emerged.No more going out to chat, share, seduce or exchange information with our friends.

This is a dreadful speed. You no longer need to go down the stairs or take the bus. You can now pamper yourself, take out your best smile and take a picture that will be published on social networks.

And the reward is immediate! You can then get in a few seconds a dozen or a hundred of "I like". This is fabulous for someone who needs stimuli, immediate recognition and positive support, which in reality is as brief as it is fleeting.

Obtaining this kind of support can become addictive because there will always be someone who will give you a second of attention, even if you barely know, if at all.

I share imperfections, gaps and needs that I do not face

"I feel lonely, I've been betrayed, it's a bad day, this world is not worth it, this person is selfish, nobody understands me …"

You may have read these phrases many times on the pages of your social networks. If it is about your friends and you like them, do not hesitate to take your phone or go see this person to know what is going on and help him.

However, these messages, these words, are only public reliefswho, instead of remaining personal, are visible to everyone.

We prefer to relieve ourselves of our genes, our struggles or our sadness on these public places what social networks represent.

Today I am happy and I decided to keep this happiness for you and for me, in the physical intimacy of someone who knows how to read the joy in a look, which takes time for a walk together …

I'm projecting something I'm not feeling better

Have you ever come across a fake profile? Have you ever established a friendship or relationship with someone who turned out to be totally different from what he was saying?

Indeed, there are many people who project qualities that are not real, and fabulous stories with deceptive photos.

do not forget thatbehind these social networks, there are people who have great deficienciesbut there is no point in arriving at such an extreme.

Sometimes we can observe the behavior of some of our friends through social networks. They talk about things they did not do and give a distant picture of what they really are.

For some, social networks are like protective shields, a zone of comfort in which one can hide one's fears and worries, and at the same time project what one would like to be or what one would like to have.

It is no longer necessary to go out to find love, or to go to certain events to create new friendships with people who have the same interests as us.

The whole world is at our fingertips with one click. This is wonderful but also dangerous depending on how you use your computer or mobile phone.

The balance…

The balance is to enjoy life with intensity by appreciating each technology, each scenario, but by passing the world of the senses in priority: the sight, the touch, the hearing, the taste, the smell …

No face is more attractive than a face that we see in real life. No hug is more warm than the one you know how to give, and no conversation is deeper than that which takes place over a cup of coffee.

Let's be honest, social networks are great for sharing things, communicating with people who live far away, laugh, learn and discover, but always with respect and keeping in mind where everyone's privacy is.This intimacy is not sold on the basis of "I like".

I do not need to publish a photo on social networks for others to recognize my happiness or sadness. I can read my pain, I know how to enjoy my joys,I do not need an audience… I know where the boundary between the public sphere and the private sphere lies.

Photographs published with the kind permission of Pascal Campion.

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