To you who left almost without saying goodbye

To you who left almost without saying goodbye

To you who have gone almost without saying goodbye, who after so many moments together have turned everything into insignificant things. I still do not understand how we can go from one extreme to another in such a short time. How a look can lose its luster in the same day and how the words have turned into bullets rushing straight into my heart.

To you, yes.When did you change your mind and how could I be so silly not to notice?How can I continue to believe that what we had was genuine and true? Why did not you warn me when you started to notice that our security mechanism was no longer protecting us?

I remained unanswered, with thousands of doubts and a feeling of guilt on the skin.One day, I will think that everything is my fault, and the next day I will say that you are the guilty one … Or that we are both. Time and routine may have ended up being right for us. Another time, I will realize that brooding these thoughts only leads to more anguish, more suffering. And that it serves to keep you alive, of course, even if only in my memories …

To you who left without saying goodbye. Who gave up the first time and left me in the grip of uncertainty. When did you change your mind?

To you who represented everything for me and did not mean anything in a matter of seconds

To you, yes.Who imagined a future with me smiling.Who made me dream of travel, unique moments and unconditional support … Who included me in your daily life, in your new projects and even in your fantasies.

In fact,you were the one who gave strength to our dreams,which reminded me of all the good things we had that told me that nothing and no one could separate us. You told me that I was everything you needed … That I made you feel peace, tranquility, passion … That you could overcome everything with me.

I refuse to believe that you could erase everything with the back of your hand.Everything we said to each other and all that we concealed through our gestures and embraces. Our desire to conquer the world, to lie on the couch, with our eyes closed, to take our hands, to kiss each other, to joke, to graze us in the bed to make sure we were both there at the small morning … I refuse to believe it.

Maybe that's what happened, it's not impossible,but I find it hard to believe that the happiness we have built has disappeared overnight.I may be incredulous or ignorant but feelings are stronger than anything and I have the bad habit of letting them guide me.

"He who does not take risks does not lose or win, he does not suffer, nor does he like …"

-Pablo Arribas-

To you who left without saying goodbye, did not fight and abandoned everything

To you who left without saying goodbye. This letter is for you,just like those words filled with a love that I can not extinguish.

I can not understand how this crack appeared.Where does this demotivation come from and this desire to put an end to everything that connects us? What kills me the most, deep within me, is uncertainty. Do not know your reasons, do not know why you do not want to fight when this is the first storm we know.

Fight is the verb that supports the spine of couples,at least those who grew up on the basis of well-being and who do not resign themselves to giving up at the first hurdle. Of those who know that unity is strength, the illusion goes out when love evolves but can be rekindled afterwards.

Excuse me but I do not understand. It is impossible to close a door without a key, without a padlock … when you decided to leave it open. You did not even try to talk about it or to cure this wound.

Do not think I do not regret all the harm I've done to you.I know that my actions did not always correspond to what was hopedbut I would have needed you to tell me. I am not perfect. A word, a gesture, a little sign … Something that could have told me how you felt about the naivety of my actions. I do not have a magic wand and I'm sorry.

I want to apologize,I never wanted to hurt you. I'm sorry. But I still do not understand this situation so sudden. I could have understood if we had only felt ill-being for a long time. But that day, you took my hand, you told me "I love you" and you made me participate in one of your dreams … to destroy everything a few hours later.

To you, yes. Who left without saying goodbye.I am addressing you because your absence hurts me, tortures me.This feeling of emptiness only increases. Because I love you, because I miss you. And I need you.

"Everyone has a little hut in their heart so they can take refuge when it's raining too hard outside."

I'm afraid to tell you that I love you

An open letter full of accuracy, simplicity and emotion to combat this omnipresent fear of saying "I love you" to another person. Learn more
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