To the people I love

To the people I love

" I love people who vibratethat we should not push, that we should not tell them to do things, but who know what to do and who do it. People who cultivate their dreams until these dreams become their own reality.

I like people who have the capacity to bear the consequences of their actions, people who risk the certain for the uncertain to go in search of their dream, who flee the judicious advice leaving the solutions in the hands of God our Father.

I like people who are just with the others and with themselves, the people who thank each new day, the good things that exist in their lives, who live every hour with good humor giving the best of themselves, grateful to be alive, to be able to offer smiles, to offer their hands and to help generously, without expecting anything in return.

I like people able to criticize me face-to-face and constructivelybut without hurting or hurting me. People who have tact. I like people who have a sense of justice. To those, I call them my friends.

I like people who know the importance of happiness and who preaches it. People who, with jokes, teach us to conceive of life with humor. People who have kept their child's spirit. I like people with contagious energy.

I like people sincere and frankable to object with reasonable motives to the decisions of anyone. I like faithful and persistent people, who do not fail when it comes to achieving their goals and ideas.

I love people who have criteriawho are not ashamed to admit that they were wrong or that they do not know something. People who, by accepting their mistakes, make a real effort not to commit them again. People who are fighting against adversity. I like people who are looking for solutions.

I love people who think and meditate internally. People who appreciate their peers not for their social stereotype or what they seem. People who do not judge and who do not let others judge. I like people with personality.

I like people who can understand that the biggest mistake of the human being istry to find in their heads what does not come out of the heart.

Sensitivity, courage, solidarity, kindness, respect, tranquility, values, joy, humility, faith, happiness, tact, trust, hope, gratitude, wisdom, dreams, repentance and love for others and for themselves are cfundamental things to be called PEOPLE.

With people like that, I'm committed to anything for the rest of my life, because to have them close to me, I consider myself lucky. "

Mario Benedetti

These are the people who steal my smiles, the ones that are pure energy. Because we all have defects as virtues, to know it you just have to have a good balance.

We are used to complicating our lives by seeking intentions and developing disappointments. We are real creators of disappointments.

Often, we tend to think that others will take advantage of us, that they will harm us or deceive us. Just a simple gesture or a look to create in our head a world filled with terrible ideas which probably will not correspond to reality.

But in general, people are good, we are so different from each other. And you also do not need to have a keen eye to understand this, but it's enough to be open to value our relationships without making them more terrible.

We make mistakes and we are full of defects, and they are not the ones who define us, but it is our perception that underlines them.

Benedetti has already said, there are many people who are worth the trouble of being surrounded by them, it is these people who give us psychological air, those who do not drown us, who are not not toxic.

I love people as much as I love to laugh, because there is nothing wrong with committing ourselves to happiness, which is the greatest thing they can give us.

In the end, I like people who say what they think, but I love people who do what they say and think what they do.

I value the authentic, because the fact that the verbs meet and say is one of the most wonderful coincidences.

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