To strip oneself of one's ego

To strip oneself of one's ego

< div class="thumbnail">Being able to shed one's ego is the first step on the road to freedom. It's a way to reveal one's own personality, one's inner self.
The loss of ego control over the individual It does not program itself, it only appears in everyone at a precise but indeterminate moment of existence.

To be borrowed, the path to freedom implies mental discipline.It arises naturally in people who have managed to shed their ego, to embrace a spiritual development.

The ego, or the false self

The word ego is synonymous with "false self". To get rid of this ego, we must ask ourselves whether this action is positive for our future, and whether it will enable us to develop spiritually.
The answer seems clear: the ego is a source of evil, it must be totally destroyed, or at least partly. This work is essential for the young, because destroying their ego will allow them to be positive, to fight against the negativity that they can find on the path of their life.
It must be said that the ego is not the same as the self-image, which is independent of this "false self".
Self-image can also be harmful, especially if you think you have more rights to dignity and respect than others. In the long run, it can also become an oversized ego.
If there is no harm in loving yourself, it is important to treat those around you with respect. And when we love ourselves too much, it is likely that others will become expiatory victims of our ego.
The ego is linked to a thirst for excessive power. The people who have them love each other so much that they want to realize all their personal ambitions without worrying about the harm they can do to others.

How to reduce his ego?

First of all, you need to know what you do not have to do to be able to reduce your ego. Although these are just small things, it's a great start and it will show you what to do. Take note :
– Do not boast, whether directly or indirectly.
– Do not try to be the center of attention.
– Do not talk too much, or more than others.
– Do not show your good deeds.
– Do not try to prove your superior knowledge.
– Do not accept flattery.
– Do not show your feelings of superiority.
– Do not go to places that can feed your ego.
– Do not look for the company of people who adulate you.
– Do not use your knowledge and do not lie to impress others.
– Do not carry gossip.
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