To go far, you have to be passionate

To go far, you have to be passionate

We, human beings, we are used to living in a world of absolutist demands and absurd obligations.

We put ourselves under tremendous pressure, and we end up being daily invaded by tension and anxiety.

The society in which we live tells us that we must do certain things, have such work or behave in a very specific way to be someone brave. All these principles are instilled into us as an absolutist dogma.

If we decide to adopt this absurd and unreal dogma, we will feel constantly under pressure because we will say to ourselves: "I must be beautiful!", "I must be a renowned professional!", "I must perfectly educate my children!", Etc.

Curiously, when we allow ourselves to be carried by the force of obligation, we provoke in ourselves what is called in mental psychology mental blockages.

When attempting to carry out projects in anxiety and tension, usually the end result is mediocre,which feeds our negative thoughts about ourselves.

The secret to getting out of this vicious circle is to begin to realize that we are imposing ourselves obligations.

It is true that our culture sends us some superficial messages about how we should be or where we should act, but finally, you alone will decide if you will stick to these ideas.

It has been proven that whoever undertakes a project, whether personal or professional, without imposing anything but taking pleasure in doing things with passion, goes much further than the one who constantly puts pressure.

The enthusiast works and makes efforts, but he does so with love because he wants to enjoy what he does. If things go well, all the better, but if they do not go well or fail, he knows it's not the end of the world.

Failure requires learning

and a passport to success

And even if after having suffered many failures, you do not reach any interesting goal, it would not be the end of the world either.

Life offers us millions of interesting alternatives, allowing everyone to develop, but always with pleasure!

It is essential to understand that sleep in us a child who wants to enjoy life as well as the rest of the world.

Finally, the most important goal of the human being is to be happyand for that, each one must unburden himself of his weight, because nobody has the obligation of nothing.

When one frees oneself from these mental chains to which each one has decided to follow one another, one discovers that to live happily is the easiest thing in the world.

Everyone does what they want, without fear of anything,without fearing the opinion or approval of society and without fear of failure.

All of a sudden, you realize that the child who sleeps in you laughs at everything and with all because in every situation, there is something to laugh and with what to play.

Life is a game, and playing involves fun, satisfaction, and love for life as it stands, without requiring or imposing.

Do you look … Do you have arms? Feet ? A healthy head to think? To drink and to eat ? More things still?

If you have all this and more, you are lucky. You already have everything to let yourself be guided by the strength of profit and to do what you love in peace and pleasure.

Do things because you want them because you want them and because they are passionate about you.

Leave your office work if you are passionate about the job of sculptor! At least try to open a path to something you like. Leave this companion / companion who hurts you!

Nobody forces you to stay

where you do not want to be

Be aware that if your daily life is provided with these essential essentials, you will have nothing to fear, and you will get the most rewarding results ever achieved, in other words, your own happiness.

Therefore, the lesson from this article is: "From now on, I will let myself be carried by the force of passion and I will leave aside the force of the obligation".

To go far, you have to be passionate …

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