To be strong is to know how to detach oneself from what haunts us

To be strong is to know how to detach oneself from what haunts us

How much weight does your body have to bear? How many worries haunt your mind? In life, only love of oneself and others counts. The rest is only a weight that makes us prisoner in a life too short to suffer a daily suffering …

As with everything in this life, you have to know how to maintain a healthy balance. Each of us relies on basic essences and pillars that we can not give up: the family, the children, this work that allows you to eat and to live …

We can not give up everything by pressing the reset button in the moments we saturate. However, among these basic pillars, there are many things that can be changed.

It is necessary to give up the fact of putting too much priority others before oneself. Make pass the value of emotions and good times before worry and pressure.

If within this personal panorama, this micro-universe that defines you and surrounds you, someone hurts you and poisons your present, it will also break the link.

Now think about the true concept of "strength".

When you become a prisoner of misfortune

If you look in the dictionary for the definition of "force", you will discover several different definitions that will surely make you think. First, there is the concept of "strength and vigor".

You will also find the image of "the fortified enclosure of the castle or the citadel". Finally, you can also read that it is about a "cardinal virtue which consists in overcoming the fear and fleeing imprudence" … It is this idea which interests us today.

Often, when we come across someone we know and ask how he is doing, he tells us that his boss is odious, that he does not spend enough time with his children, that his half has become demanding and selfish, and that he can not even take time for himself.

You, worried, answer him "take care of you", reading on his face many more things than the simple words he has just pronounced.

Indeed, you can see him as a strong person because he faces the day with courage, giving everything for others. However, it is likely that all this will eventually collapse.

It is possible that the fall is not physical, but emotional: dissatisfaction, the feeling of being "stuck", without any option of personal fulfillment. These people give everything to others, they love sincerely but receive nothing in return. Life passes before them, without offering them the hope of a simple happiness …

Let's go back to the dictionary definition according to which strength is a virtue that makes it possible to overcome fear and to flee recklessness.

We can now add that a person is not only strong because they are leaking or fighting what they fear.

To be strong is also to make oneself a priority and to become master of one's life, letting go of what sometimes hurts us and prevents us from moving forward, with integrity and balance.

How to be strong everyday?

– To be strong is to wake up each day by finding meaning in your life.

– The world is filled with "lifeless" people who wander around us without purpose, without hope, without project. Having hope and believing in yourself will bring you strength and firmness.

– A strong person is not a person with power, who has the ability to control or dominate others. Being strong is also enjoying your freedomand avoid toxic links that hurt and prevent us from moving forward.

– Being strong is also knowing how to say NO to those who will always make you go after themto those who look at the navel and think only of their own universe, without perceiving the suffering of others and the emotional void that their attitude generates.

– You will be strong when you manage to keep away anything that does not make you happy, whether it's people, things, scenarios or even thoughts.

We are not always hurt by an external element, but sometimes by our own attitude to situations in which we lock ourselves up and we put ourselves in barriers.

Stay away from what closes your life, everything that takes away your hope and hurts your heart. You are the master of your fleeting life, of a world where you are only a passenger. So, love with strength those who deserve it and cultivate that strength that gives wings to your dreams and roots to your values.

Photographs courtesy of Lucy Campbell and Amanda Cass.

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