To be happy, just ask your mind to be on your side

To be happy, just ask your mind to be on your side

For a number of us, the mind is a real battlefield.

We do not realize that this battle will never end. Indeed, nothing can be solved in the mind, but so far, the latter does not want to stop its activity either. It is thus "maintained".

"The problem is in mind what the bone is to the dog"


You are not your spirit

This is the first major concept you may have never considered: you are not your spirit.

So let's illustrate our words: imagine a chess board where the white squares symbolize the lovable part of your mind, and the black squares the opposite.

We then find different elements such as pawns (thoughts), kings and queens (feelings and other intuitions), riders (memories), etc.

Sometimes, as well as during a game of chess, we can experience very intense and complex moments with all these elements.

The important thing is to remember that the plateau that supports all this is you. Something that remains constant.

Moreover, just because the mind is biologically designed to detect hazards does not mean that it will alert you continually when a difficulty arises.

The danger situations that you have gone through in your life put you on alert for a signal, but there is no point in letting fear take hold of you. Do not generalize too much.

Do not give your mind a toxic fertilizer which would allow weeds (or bad thoughts) to bloom.

Do not try to ignore them, or constantly try to turn your bad thoughts into good thoughts.

Doing so would be exhausting, but in addition, you would not achieve the desired effect. You will take care of your inner life, and this to the detriment of the acts of your real life. Just try to make your thoughts activities and habits.

Some strategies to help you better manage your mind

Perhaps you are not giving your mind the opportunity to stop thinking that way that is so harmful to you. Such behavior can be explained by two very basic reasons:

– For example, your mind tells you that you feel very bad, that if you leave home, it will be a disaster, and that it is better for you to stay at home.

So, you're not trying to contradict this idea, and you blindly believe your mind, without seeking other alternatives.

– Another example: you are tired of thinking or feeling like that, but nevertheless, you continue to read the same books, to bind yourself to the same people who bring you nothing, and to do the same unsatisfactory work. In other words, you continue to do the same thing.

Of course, at the end of the day, you will end up trusting in the image of you that will be forged in your mind; you will get used to it, and will not look for more alternatives.

However, it's not in continuing to do the same thing you will get different results …

Sometimes, if we want to be an actor in our lives and make decisions, laziness is the first step towards the realization of these dreaded mental disorders.

So, talk to your mindas the unique being that you are made of feelings, passions, language and states of action.

Tell him that you take him into consideration, and that you want to be happy with him.

That you can not ask him to stop his activity, because that would mean to stifle his own nature … you are his ally, not his enemy.

Thank you for the balance that it generates so often in your life, allowing you to not make bad decisions.

That its complexity has made your life count moments of absolute splendor; that your daily life is always made of something important to tell.

But also you need calm to consider things. That you want to accept his presence and that he accepts yours, that together you will be able to reach maturity.

Finally, you are bound to each other forever. So, forget the past and build a real relationship, those that inspire you and give you all the keys to make your wildest dreams come true, those that make you forget that sometimes you have had a negative image of yourself.

Is not it time to build a real future together?

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