To be born perverted

To be born perverted

The definition of "perversion" presents great difficulties. At first, she was wrongly associated with supposed "sexual abuses", but this way of thinking is now excluded. Psychiatry has adopted, for cases related to sexual situations, the terms dysfunction or paraphilia.
It has been verified that in the diagnostic manuals for mental disorders, the name perversion for paraphilias and sexual dysfunctions has been ruled out.

How does a perverse person think?

A perverse person is always lurking in obsessive and destructive thoughts because she believes that human attitudes are not sincere.
Obviously, it's an abnormal condition of the personality, in which the pervert develops a destruction towards his fellow beings through thoughts and acts of a malicious nature.

Many scientific studies indicate that perverse behavior is usually congenital, but claim that lack of affection during childhood makes the person more inclined to develop a perverse mind.

The pervert develops a conflicting personality, his fantasies are always aware and he always aims to hurt, humiliate and vex others.
In cases where this is associated with a sexual perversion (or paraphilia), it is indispensable for the pervert to have a ground on which to develop his desire for destruction and his activity with obscene connotations, or at least to transfer to this place the frustrations. that he felt, real or fictionally, during his childhood and adolescence.

When the victim of the pervert is submissive and humiliated, the latter feels feelings of victory, domination and superiority. Ultimately, he needs to feel vengeful and not a victim.

In cases of paraphilias, the psychoanalyst interprets perversion as one of the values ​​of nosographic structures: perversion, neurosis and psychosis.
A pervert develops a psychopathic conduct, to a certain extent, which manifests itself from childhood to adulthood, in the family environment, the professional environment and so on.

He has traits of aggression and selfishness, and communication with his entourage very poor or zero. He turns out to be inadequate and impulsive, while he pursues perfection in all his endeavors.

The increase in the malignancy of these subjects, according to psychiatrists, is often associated with emotional isolation, which is fueled by social or emotional resentment, hatred, financial failures, and so on.

There is no cure for the evil spirit

In a perverse person, there is no turning back: the possibility of a cure is not possible.It is necessary to undertake a treatment that begins by making it clear to the pervert that he suffers from a pathology and that the pharmacological and institutional treatment and the re-education of the emotions, is the way to follow.

The radio-diagnostic images of the brain indicate that in pathological people, certain areas related to emotions, show a certain degree of deterioration.This is why anti-depressants and anti-psychotics are proposed as part of the treatment.

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