To appease the child who is in us

To appease the child who is in us

We all buried this child we were. Calming it is vital for emotional well-being and maintaining good self-esteem.

We almost all experienced child emotional wounds, and if they were not healed at the time, then this inner child remains injured. Now we can try to understand what needs to be done to soothe it.

When a negative emotion takes over, ask yourself why you feel so and try to understand it. Find the best way to change these negative thoughts. Because this child who hides in you needs love and tolerance.

Exercises to appease this inner child

Imagine falling back to childhood. How were you at the age of 8? Try to visualize what you look like physically, and if you're struggling, use a photo of the time to refresh your memory and capture as much detail as you can.

Now, get into an exercise in visualization and imagination. Imagine yourself small, alone in your room. What were you doing in this room when you were alone?

Visualize your childhood, your past and every detail that composes them. What was there like furniture in your room? What color were the walls? What were you playing?

The more details you have, the more the effects of this exercise will be beneficial. Now, imagine yourself as you are today. Imagine entering this room where you slept in your childhood and open the door.

You see a child, head down, uncertain. This child you see is you.Beside you this child is you, your past.

This exercise is used to heal all the wounds of the past, cNow that you are an adult, you are able, through your imagination, to speak and touch that child you were.

Get close to this wounded, scared child, and ask him what he has. At this moment you can finally understand him, kiss him, hug him, protect him, support him, love him, and so on. Do it, treat this child as you would have liked to be done when you were little.

Give him affection, understanding. Squeeze it strong against you and tell him that from now on he is safe, that you will take care of him and that you accept him as he is, because he deserves it.

Play with him, make sure that his spontaneity comes out. Continue viewing. Imagine taking this child to places he loves. Where did you go when you were young? What did you dream of having never been able to get?

Now you are able to offer him anything he wants. Go out, play, have fun! And when that inner child feels happy and soothed, then he will return to his room.

You can leave it, it is safe. Say goodbye, and that whenever he needs it you will come back to him, to give him love.

The beneficial effects of the imagination

If you went to the end of the exercise and worked your imagination, you realized that the most uncertain, cruel and scary parts of your personality come from this child of the past.

Try to take care of it, love it, accept it and you will observe improvements in the emotional level and you will appreciate yourself.

Adults whose inner child is appeased do not repress their desires. For example, they can walk in a park and suddenly want to swing! And they do not care about people's eyes.

However, adults whose inner child is hurt can not do this kind of childish thing.

They impose themselves to give a correct image, strict, of adult, without realizing that every human needs to return to childhood from time to time.

Adults with children can take time and play with this "mini-them" as they play with their children. However, adults who do not have children are more reluctant to play.

They do not play ball, do not talk nonsense. As if in adulthood one had to be strict and correct, and all the others were immature.

What is certain, whatthere is nothing more beneficial than letting this inner child flourish and become spontaneous.

Do not repress him. Because even as an adult we sometimes need to have a little fun …

Photograph courtesy of José Miguel and Dani_vr

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