Time does not go back

Time does not go back

We all love to immerse ourselves in distant dreams, imagine ourselves as we can go back into the weatherat times when we laughed with more enthusiasm, where we had fewer concerns, where we did not suffer or suffer.

To those happy days of yesteryear that we idealize, and which are now part of the past. But let's not kid ourselves, the days go by and the time does not go back. And it is certain that to change certain things, or to see people we once loved, we would be ready to put it back together. But all we have left is the memory.

To avoid going astray in thinking about going back to the past, we have to ask ourselves this question: if we could, what would we do?

Certainly you've already thought about it, and you've already fantasized about being able to change one of your mistakes, erasing bad decisions, or taking advantage of opportunities you could not grasp. . You might be able to remove guilt from your mind. Who has not, in his past, a reason to feel guilty for something? It is obvious that we have all made mistakes that we would like to change.

Maybe if we had the opportunity to go back, would we take better care of this person that we did not appreciate and we left out. We might forget those to whom we have offered everything and who have not appreciated this gesture to its true value.

There are so many things we would like to change that the possibilities are endless. But that would lead to nothing, or almost nothing. We are the result of our life experiences, and we have learned from our moments of joy, as from our mistakes.

Our character is forged through our experiencewhether good or bad. The past is an important part of our existence, which has taught us to pay attention to certain things, and not to worry about other issues. After many twists and turns through our experiences, we end up enjoying life and getting what we want, through putting into practice all the things we learned from our actions.

We may not learn from all our misfortunes, but it is certain that after an error we are better able to appreciate the good things and make wiser decisions. We feel more in tune with ourselves, and we can finally appreciate who we are.

Nobody can deny that the opportunity to jump into our past to relive moments of carelessness, of our childhood or adolescence, is something very tempting. No responsibility, the world that offers itself to us, a total freedom, all these aspects make us nostalgic.

Every age group has its advantages and its share of learning. It's important to remember all these things that we learned because to remember is to live again. But, what you are experiencing right now in the present with its happy and less happy days, is also an important time in your life.

If you had the opportunity, now, to go back to the past, you would soon dream of returning to the present. We are inexorably connected to our lives, and we are made to live in the moment.

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