These people, you do not need them in your life

These people, you do not need them in your life

"People can inspire you or dribble you, choose them carefully"
Hans Hensen

Have you ever thought that some people can hurt you more than help you? You may not have noticed, but you may have a toxic person around you.

Toxic people undermine your trust, they fill you with negativity and betray you. The people you do not need in your life are:

1. Those who criticize

There is nothing wrong with being honest and saying what you think. The problem begins when a person spends most of their time and energy criticizing without acting.

When criticism is in no way constructive,
you should not pay much attention to it

If you do not want to lose that friendship, explain to him that his critics really do not help him. If that does not work, it is good to take a little distance.

2. Those who absorb all your time

"I think it's very healthy to spend time alone – you need to know how to be alone so you do not have to be defined by another person"
-Oscar Wilde

The problem is not that some people seek your support, but you do not get help when you need it.

It is best to reduce the time you dedicate to these people. They will feel offended and may try to hold you back, but you have to spend time.

It would be desirable to explain to them that you can not use all your time for them. If that does not work and their calls are insistent, turn off your phone.

3. Those who victimize themselves

There are people who like the role of victim. They never take their mistakes or never assume themselves.

If you have one of these people in your life, this person will not lose the opportunity to make you feel that everything is your fault.

It is therefore important to observe the situation from the outside to give you another perspective.

4. People who do not have compassion or empathy

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxury, without them humanity can not survive."
-Dalai Lama-

The reason you do not want these people in your life is that they do not have the ability to understand your problems.

In fact, these people often have personality problems or narcissistic tendencies.

You will realize that they are unable to enter the shoes of others.

5. Negative people

My best advice is to avoid these people as much as you can, because once you get in touch with them, it will be like a spiral ending. They are always anxious, worried, pessimistic, depressed and constantly complaining.

The main reason they hurt you is that they shorten your life.

6. The malicious people

"You can lie with words and silence"
Adrienne Rich-

The problem is that dishonest people can hurt you in many ways. In addition, they can damage other relationships you have, depending on rumors.

The less information you share with these people, the more you will avoid problems.

7. The people who manipulate you

Some fake friends are there only you need. It does not bother them to lie or say anything to get what they want.

They know how to get information to know your weaknesses and use them to their advantage. They also tend to abuse your generosity.

8. The people who hurt you

These people use every means to hurt you, leaving a strong imprint on the soul.

Do your parents constantly criticize you? Do you have a friend who affects your esteem about you every time he makes a comment?

These people may question your honesty, and your skills. In the learning process, they will do you a lot of harm, so it is better to get out of your relationships with this type of people.

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