These moments when I feel both love and hate

These moments when I feel both love and hate

"Love and hate are not blind,

but blinded by the fire they carry in them "


We know what it's like to feel love, and we also know what it's like to feel hatred towards someone.

But what happens when these two feelings are felt at the same time? How is it that we can both love and hate someone?

These totally opposite emotions are found in all human beings.

Surely you have already felt this kind of feelings for someone. We can not explain it, and this destabilizes us somewhat, because these two emotions are diametrically opposed.

However, even if it may seem strange to us, it happens to us more often than we think it is to simultaneously feel opposite emotions.

For example, when one moves after an interesting job transfer, or when one loses a loved one, knowing that it was the best thing that could happen to him because he was suffering too much.

That's when love and hate come into play and merge into one and the same feeling.

I suffer from ambivalence of emotions

The ambivalence of emotions is part of us; to feel love and hatred is stronger than us, even if it can sometimes cause us a certain ill-being.

Once you feel both love and hate, you can say that you are an emotionally ambivalent person. This does not mean that we feel hate then love, or vice versa.

The ambivalence of emotions is characterized by a superposition of these two emotions, and not by a substitution of one to the other. They can coexist without encroaching on each other.

Can we consider ambivalence as a psychological disorder? Often, this ambivalence occurs in people with a mental disorder, such as depressives, schizophrenics, or people affected by psychosis or neurosis.

Most often, this ambivalence is found in people who are jealous.They love their mate / companion, but they also hate him / her because he / she connects with others or because he / she pleases others.

Because of the crises of jealousy, love and
hatred merge into one and the same feeling

The ambivalence of emotions is normal, but it can cause various problems when we build relationships with others, because we can not define what we feel.

In a relationship, ambivalence can destabilize and affect the relationship.

In the skin of an ambivalent person

If you have never been in this situation, you probably do not know how to feel someone with feelings of love and hate as one.

  • The ambivalent person feels both attraction and repulsion towards a person.
  • The ambivalent person loves a person, but hates some of his behaviors.
  • The ambivalent person may want to both talk and not speak.
  • The ambivalent person may want to act and at the same time remain passive.

All these contradictory feelings that the ambivalent person suffers provoke something in her that many hate: to remain paralyzed without knowing which path to take.

The consequences of the ambivalence of emotions

When the ambivalent person is between two opposing poles that merge into one, the emotions they feel paralyze and confuse them

Ambiguity is one of the characteristics of ambivalent peoplewho see their self-esteem affected by their inability to decide between two opposing feelings.

The ambivalent person does not feel comfortable with their own emotions. She does not know how to act, nor how to do not to feel simultaneously two emotions that should never be confused in one.

This situation of confusion leads her to have very low self-esteem because she fails to establish a stable emotional balance.

The ambivalent person begins to be suspicious of herself, and does not really know what she feels or feels anymore. This sometimes gives rise to anxiety and loneliness, which can then lead to a profound depression.

What was sad to love and hate at the same time!

-Leon Tolstoy-

The ambivalence of emotions is not a state that lasts a long time. At certain moments, one is destabilized by this fusion of emotions, but it is only temporary … unless one suffers from a psychological disorder.

And you … are you an ambivalent person?

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