These memories that we do not want to forget

These memories that we do not want to forget

It is always important to know that we can not remedy our past mistakes, and that we must not live chained to our disappointments of yesterday.The past is the past, and nothing can be done to change it.
But generally, we do not want to forget some things in our lives, especially when it comes to our deepest feelings. Hard times, like the happiest, continue to weigh on our hearts and on our conscience.

Even if some memories are painful, we are not willing to give it up or let them escape. Thanks to these fragments of our existence, we can remember moments when we were happy.

We live by proxy a life that once was ours, we go back to the memory of our lost, but not forgotten, loves.

Then we try to chase them because we fall back in love with another person, but it is not that simple. We try to insist, we persevere to be happy, because it is the price of happiness, but we sometimes fall back into our old memories.

In a corner of our heart, in a small passage hidden in our mind, some of them reappear. They can hurt us, or make us smile.

We all carry in us the pain of a lost love, and it is sometimes difficult to rethink the painful moments of this period of our life.

But we can also rethink the joy and the feeling of happiness that we felt at this moment of our existence. As during those cold autumn evenings when suddenly, a thinning in the sky reminds us of the feeling of loving and being loved in return. Or when the first chords of an old song sound, and a memory suddenly comes to your mind.

And you say that you managed to overcome the break, finally, and that you keep in the end a nice memory in yourheart of this period of your life.

It does not matter to shed some tears for someone you loved, even if that person has hurt you in the past. Some will say that it is a mistake, but is not love the supreme emotion that makes us do a lot of nonsense?

No matter what others think, plunging into the past is not necessarily synonymous with nostalgia or luring.

On the contrary, it is important to remember the good times: the first look, the first encounter, the first smile, etc.

Rather than crying over what went wrong, it is better to refocus on the happiness that brings us the feeling of falling in love.And that, nobody wants to forget it.

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