There is no real goodbye, only unfinished stories

There is no real goodbye, only unfinished stories

Many young girls and boys are romantic in their teens, thanks to the reading of novels by Marc Lévy or Corin Tellado, easily accessible for these new readers.
If some people judge this kind of literature harshly enough, many readers appreciate their simplicity and like to be carried away by their stories which always end well, and which are happening in idyllic worlds in which they can find perfect, intelligent, beautiful, rich, courageous, romantic and tender characters.
A promise! These stories attract many people, and that's entirely justified.

These novels and quality of new character often take for heroines who reach their dreams, to triumph in their professional lives, to meet the man of their lives, and do not let down by the obstacles of life.

They are certain of the choice of their love. It is inevitably him, this handsome male triumphant, the elected of their heart. Everything is beautiful, everything ends well, and the story smells good the scent of love.

Here we have to temper our words by saying that there are also some tragic heroines in this literature, but there are fewer of them.

However, this literature can be misleading because life is not all rosy and loves are not obvious. It is not easy to meet someone who understands and understands us.

Sometimes it works, but at other times it's frustrating, because you have to make compromises to build a real relationship. And after a long work, sometimes the relationship ends overnight because "real life" is full of ruptures and farewells, dropout, broken promises, broken hearts and tears, that follow happy moments.

And when we say goodbye, or we leave without even saying goodbye, we have the impression that everything is over, that everything is forgotten forever. But that's not the reality. Because, as the title of this article suggests, there is no farewell, only unfinished stories.

We never really end our love stories, and if you doubt, think about the number of relationships that end well, and those that end badly.

Violent breaks are frequent and occur because we do not want the person to whom we have given a part of ourheart do not think of us anymore and forget us. We wish to be part of the memories of the people we loved at some point in our lives.

Basically, we all have a touch of romance in us, even if some do not want to accept it.

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