There is no investment more profitable than that of knowledge

There is no investment more profitable than that of knowledge

You can leave material goods to your childrenbut the best investment is to bring them knowledge. With them, they will be able to fend for themselves.One of Benjamin Franklin's most famous quotes reflects this idea; "An investment in knowledge pays the best interests". An investment for oneself and for others because knowledge is the greatest power we can acquire.

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906 for his work on the structure of the nervous system, told us that the human brain was like a machine to strike currencies. If you throw in impure metal, you will get slag. If you put gold there, you will get fantastic pieces. This sentence sums up perfectlyhow important it is to feed our brain with books and knowledge. These will help us better understand the world.

Our knowledge necessarily has an end while our ignorance is necessarily infinite. The conclusion is that we know little while knowing a lot. It is impressive to see how muchsuch a small acquaintance can give so much power.

"Your children will not succeed because of what you have done for them but because of what you have taught them to do for themselves."

-Ann Landers-

In this new era, it's knowledge that will make you free, not work

Since the time of Socrates, we know that knowledge brings us freedom and frees us from ignorance. But in ancient times, only the wise could access some of the knowledge. Nowadays, anyone is a creator and distributor of information through the use of new Internet channels. This creates an unlimited network of knowledge.

We have now eliminated physical, geographical, economic and social barriers when acquiring knowledge. Anyone can have understanding at their fingertips. But in this case, why are there fewer and fewer readers? Why are we investing less in culture?It seems that we have removed all the barriers except the most important: to know that only knowledge can make us free.

Socrates was wise not because he knew more than his contemporaries. He said it because he was aware of his own ignorance. Before making a decision or saying something, he made sure of the truth of things.He was so convinced that understanding made us free that, for him, if men could understand what was right and right, they would choose the right and the right.Nobody would consciously choose evil. Those who choose evil do it out of ignorance. If a baker does bad bread, it's because he does not know how to do it, not because he wants to make bad bread.

"The majority of people are like pins: their head is not the most important."

-Jonathan Swift-

Knowledge is the light that will illuminate our path

"Knowledge is the light that will illuminate our path". This sentence from Robert Fisher, author of the bookThe knight with rusty armor,conveys an optimistic and constructive vision of the potentialities of the human being. Knowledge is the discovery of our own abilities and limitations, as well as the search for possible solutions to overcome them.

A person can not learn and run at a time. She must stay in one place for a while.In life, we will find outings only when we have learned what we need to learn.

Knowledge is the light that illuminates our path. It means thatthe more knowledge we have, the more light there will be in us.Nature has provided us with the seeds of knowledge, not the knowledge itself.

"He who adds nothing to his knowledge diminishes them."

-The Talmud-

People who talk a lot to prove their wisdom actually demonstrate their ignorance

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