There are two unbearable things: lying and falsity

There are two unbearable things: lying and falsity

If there are two things that are truly lamentable, they are lies and falsehood. Both are able to destroy everything in their path, to devastate the most populated forests and to knock down the tallest towers.

The saddest thing about hypocrisy and betrayal is that they never come from our worst enemies or unknown people, and all that hurts. Very bad. When we are betrayed, the worst is not lies in themselves but what they entail with them.

When a feeling as important as trust breaks, something in us dies. This happens because the lie challenges a thousand truths, and makes us doubt the experiences we considered honest and frank.

One lie changes everything

Falsehood is, for the most part, a matter of habit. There are many people who are "skilled" in this "art" and who betray us in a truly incredible way.

As we know, recurring lies can come from a serious psychological problem. These people tend to make people believe anything as long as they manage to keep face, simply to betray or hurt.

Other times, lying can be justified as an error and not as an intention. This is called pious lies, because it is considered that truth will do more harm than lies.

Some people argue that any type of lie creates poor quality relationships, but it is obvious that sometimes it is not easy for humans to call something white or black at all costs.

With time, everything knows

Lying and treason always have an expiration date because they need many circumstances to maintain themselves.

It ends up turning into a spiral of enormous dimensions, in which the liar can no longer defend himself and find excuses.

From the moment a lie comes out of our mouth, we can not control it anymore. According to the popular saying: it is easier to catch a liar than a lame one.

However, even if it is difficult to maintain a lie for a long time, it is normal for us to be betrayed.

We may have a ton of clues under our eyes, it is obvious that often the emotional ties that we maintain make us blind.

Lying and falsehood, two deep wounds of the soul

Betraying people who love you is one of the most detestable things you can do.

It is difficult to oppose their discovery because betrayal itself has the capacity to totally destroy our world.

A person who betrays is worse than a person who suffers. It is someone who does not know where the north is, who has lost his compass, who does not understand, who feels a confused anguish, who has to demolish his home, who does not know where to keep his feelings and who believes himself deeply stupid.

It is someone who is ashamed, who takes off his shoes and stripped himself, who feels ridiculous. Someone who has to start from scratch, who has to rebuild his walls, who has to go the other way and plug the holes. He is someone who suffers war wounds and does not know how to treat them.

Treating the wounds that betrayal caused

With the passage of time, it is likely that the anger and helplessness that we felt at the beginning, turn into a certain pain for all that has faded, broken and gone.

It is in these moments that we can begin to heal our wounds and value loyalty with strength.

Overcoming your injuries takes time, but to be successful, you have to forgive yourself and stop torturing yourself for what you think we could have avoided. In this way, we will be able to make peace with the world and to begin to trust again.

If at some point, you were hurt, do not punish yourself by thinking that everyone is the same because it amounts to believing that as it happened to you once, it can happen to you again.

From that moment, value loyalty as much as you hate treason. Do not feel guilty and forgive because honesty is an excellent opportunity to grow and choose the people around you.

Illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli

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