There are things I have already mourned, although I know where to find them

There are things I have already mourned, although I know where to find them

There are things that I left behind, even if I know where to find them, I also know that life is sometimes a go without return. But I'm not afraid and I do not regret anything because I know why it is worth fighting and I also recognize what are the unnecessary battles to lead … Those that are not worth the trouble that we come out injured.

Sometimes it's hard to see every effort we make, and every aspect we give up for some people or projects, because it's like strands of smoke coming through a window.

The reason it is hard for us to see that everything we do sometimes will not help much, but it is the emotional cost itself that motivates us.

It's these positive emotions that drive us to go further every day, but also those who more than once put us a blindfold on our eyes.

Later, we will realize that the balance of life is somewhat unbalanced, that we have nothing left, that we have received nothing and that this dream was a bad dream.

Have we done wrong? Should we perhaps regret all that we have done? Never.

Who does not fight for his dreams is not brave, who does not fight for his illusions does not reach the moon.

Feel proud of your courage, but remember that withdrawing on time is prudent and wise …

These useless battles in our life …

We will begin by emphasizing that no one knows that a battle or a dream has been useless until reality strikes us with all its harshness.

Until then, all hope will feed every step and every thought, every effort and every act invested.

It does not matter if it's a job, a friendship or a relationship. Life is a long succession of moments that put us to the testfrom whose chapters we can benefit and from whom we must learn.

Learning is the essential key that must be the backbone of our daily existence.

You may have made mistakes, and at this point you have already left a lot of things that you may have lost.

Do you have to lament for that? Not at all!Mourning for a mistake is like feeding bitterness for a choice made at some point in our life.

Errors assume, understand, analyze and integrate into what we call "the treasure chest of experience". And if these lived moments bring you bad memories, do not feed them every day, do not throw flowers at them. The unpleasant memories must be replaced by the here and now, by the happiness of today.

No battle is useless because it allows us to gain experience. However, remember that the most important of all of this is knowing as soon as possible that this project does not deserve our efforts, or that this relationship does not deserve our suffering and our sacrifices.

When is it time to "mourn something"?

It is quite possible that right now, many of us are feeding hopes and projects in a dimension that does not deserve it or that "does not deserve us."

1. The power of false expectations

Sometimes we fall into the trap of blaming others for the fact that they are feeding false illusions to us, when in fact it is possible that responsibility lies with us.

Some people set their sights on this dream job, while they may not have the training or skills required.

Others fix all their emotions and anxieties towards a person who, in reality, never really showed them that she had feelings for them.

In other words, we must never lose sight of objectivity, balance and perspectives.

2. The emotional cost

This inner strength that we have and which is called emotion, is in fact an engine as powerful as it is dangerous.

Sometimes he pushes us to give everything, until our last breath, to this person we love.

We do not see the limits and we open our heart without reading the instruction manual, which should tell us as a first rule "be careful, think of yourself, protect your own self-esteem” . 

We must learn to be more receptive, and to tell ourselves that we also deserve to receive.

Does this friendship offer you support, complicity, respect and recognition? If so, go ahead!

Does this relationship bring you happiness and fuel your illusions?

Does she put herself on you as much as you do, did she give up something in the same way that you had to do it at one point? If this is not the case, then think and make a decision.

We will mourn everything or anyone who feeds on egoism, who does not recognize us as a person, and who takes away our strengths and illusions instead of enriching us.
Go ahead and close doors, you know exactly where they are, but you also know very clearly where you want to be.

Image courtesy of: Daria Petrilli, Christian Shloe

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