The white buffalo woman, a wonderful legend of the Amerindians

The white buffalo woman, a wonderful legend of the Amerindians

A Lakota Indian prophecy tells us that at some point, the white buffalo woman will come back to us.It's about awakan, a wise woman carrying magic who will restore, thanks to her power, the union between all the children of Mother Earth. His arrival will also contribute to restoring our balance with nature, this inheritance today so badly treated.

There is something truly wonderful in all these legends of Native American peoples. No matter how old or old, no matter how many centuries have passed, it does not matter if we do not benefit from these ethnic or cultural roots ourselves.These oral traditions always teach us lessons that make us think.

For native Americans, the birth of a white buffalo is a symbol of rebirth and global harmony.

The legend of the white bison woman is more than 2000 years old. It's a story from the Lakota Nation, one of the most important peoples of the Turtle Islands in North America. So, we will not be surprised to knowthat over the last few months, this prophecy was almost an ode to hope for the Lakota, a desperate prayer …

It has been more than a year since we heard about the Lakota Access Pipeline project.The purpose of this construction is to transport oil from North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. It is a megastructure of more than 1800 kilometers that would pass through several Indian reserves. A cultural and environmental atrocity that has put Native Americans and environmental groups like Greenpeace on the war footing.

After the paralysis of the project at the end of the mandate of Barack Obama, Donald Trump decided to reactivate it.The natives continue to struggle tirelessly, hoping that the prophecy of the white bison woman will come to fruition …

The white bison woman, a female figure of power

One of the transmitters of this wonderful legend is Joseph Chasing Horse.United Nations Ambassador for the Lakota Sioux people, he never loses an opportunity to tell this prophecy that acts as a link between a large number of indigenous peoples.

This prophecy tells that the white buffalo woman appeared in our world more than 2000 years ago.This took place during a period of great famine, wars and disagreements among several peoples. The story begins with two young Lakotas, two warriors who were looking for something to hunt on their lean horses when, suddenly, they saw on the horizon a female figure wrapped in a warm light, in a haze with fascinating flashes.

The woman was accompanied by a white bison. She was tall, slender, and wore a robe with sacred embroidery, a feather in her hair, and sage leaves in her hand. She was very beautiful, so much so thatone of the young warriors did not hesitate to approach her with lust to touch her.However, even before he could touch his skin, a big dark cloud formed over him and a flash of lightning fell on his head.He was immediately charred.

The other young warrior immediately went to his knees, terrified, thinking that he was going to have the same fate. However, the beautiful woman gently stroked her hair and, in the same language,told him she was awakan,a holy woman who came to help them …

The beginning of a new era based on old traditions

The holy woman was warmly received by the Lakota people.The best tepee was prepared for her, and when she entered, the morning turned into twilight, and an amber light with rosy flashes enveloped those lands paralyzed by famine and misery. Despite this, people tried to give him everything they could: some roots, some insects, some dried grass and some fresh water.

After that, the white bison woman taught the Lakota people to smoke a pipe, offered them red willow bark tobacco and encouraged them to go around the tents to honor the sun, to create a circle of strength with life. and express their gratitude. Later,she taught them a series of spiritual practices, ways of thanking nature,praying with proper words and performing ancestral rites that the Lakota people had largely forgotten.

In addition, she invited them to sing with her songs to please the Earth, melodies, verses and prayers they were to address to the four corners of the universe.She also reminded them of the importance of the practice of the Peace Pipe Ceremony,a ceremony in which men and women were to meet to honor their souls, to honor their group and union with the afterlife.

The white bison woman then took leave of them, telling them that if they continued to perform all these sacred ceremonies and take care of the Earth, she would protect them. Otherwise,and before leaving, she brought from the horizon a great herd of black bison.They were so numerous that the mountains became dark, and the ground trembled under their feet; the world was still beating forcefully in the face of the arrival of these animals which, in the end, implied the survival of these Amerindians.

By the time the Wakan woman disappeared, herds of bison appeared before their eyes. As of today, the buffalo provides people with meat, skin for their clothes and teepees, and bones for all their tools.

The holy woman left them saying to them:Toksha ake wacinyanktin ktelo(in French, it means "we will meet again"). A message full of hope that many Lakotas,dreaming of a return of this feminine presence to purify the world once again and bring harmony, balance and spirituality back to all nations.

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