The value of memories

The value of memories

The value of positive memories is an element of stability, a refuge that has the extraordinary ability to protect us.Pio Baroja said that "we are, for the most part, an extension of our past and the result of a memory ".

The brain is an organ capable of storing, storing and prioritizing all our memories. In psychology, the computer metaphor has long been used to talk about the brain and especially about memory.A memory that is none other than the city of memories.

Psychologists indicate that all our memories have a close relationship with emotions.This is why we are able to feel the original emotions again when we put them back in the center of our attention. A pleasant memory can restore this lost inner peace, this bruised self-esteem. On the other hand, if this experience ends up as a bitter recollection, we will not want to remember it.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

-Dr. Seuss-

The value of memories

Some time ago, I heard a wonderful true story about the value of memories. It was a beautiful meeting with the past. In May 2017,a 14-year-old boy named Patryk Lessman was spending a few days vacationwith his family on Lake Jeziorak (Poland).

The boy was having fun. He built cabins and fished. One day, however,he came across two old milk cansin a wooded area. He quickly informed his parents. These warned the local authorities, who returned to the scene of the discovery with metal detectors to find more objects.

A few months later, after carefully analyzing the objects, a press conference was held to give information on these finds.The two milk cans contained personal items and family memories of Count Hans Joachim Finckenstein,owner of the land in the past.

Many documents were found: the count's last wishes, the seal and the coat of arms of the Finckenstein family(an old family of Prussian aristocrats), the passport of Hans Joachim and his diary of the First World War. In the second canister were his World War II uniform and a multitude of letters and poems from his daughters.

Hans Joachim von Finckenstein was born in 1879 and witnessed the two great wars.In 1944, in the face of the advance of the Russian army, Hans and his wife Hildegard sent their daughters to Pomerania (territory between Germany and Poland) and they themselves remained hidden in this area. The personal objects found date from this time but we do not know if they were buried by the mother or father.

Stories from these years

The investigators found the trace of Waldtraut, the Earl's youngest daughter, in Germany. She is currently 81 years old. Seeing the objects found, her emotion was immense.She hugged her father's shoes and cried for a long time. Then she told the journalists how, every night, her father helped them (her and her sister) to climb on their bed as they clung to her shoes and laughed until she was tired.

She could still recite by heart some of the poems that had been found. She had written them seventy years earlier. With tears of joy, she told reporters who wanted to interview him:"I always wanted to write, my mother pushed me to learn to sew and embroider but I had a passion for books".

Waldtraut remembers summer storms along Lake Jeziorak and the smell of wet earth.” Those endless afternoons where we could not go out because of the rain. I recited poems while my sister brightened the sunset with music; the whole family watched with enthusiasm and enjoyed the show. It was a wonderful time in my life that I am now recovering from these memories. "

This story encourages us to lose the habit of postponing really important things. To hide what we feel.The reality is simple: every moment we live carries the magic we give it.If you could recreate your best memory, how would you do it?

"Memories are a way of hooking on things you love, things you are, things you do not want to lose."


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