The unconscious detects lies

The unconscious detects lies

One of the great paradoxes of the human being is that much of his wisdom does not lie in his consciousness but in his unconscious.This body of knowledge is usually called intuition. It is a hidden knowledge that is in us. And science has been able to verify that the unconscious detects lies.

Even if we do not note it at the conscious level, we have some sort of internal lie detector.He is able to identify the signals sent by the behavior of people who lie. Thus, we know without knowing that they are trying to deceive us.

"If you tell the truth, you do not have to remember anything."

-Mark Twain-

But why do we sometimes let people deceive us? Even if the unconscious detects lies,we do not always pay attention to these intuitive impulses that reveal it to us.Strange as it may seem, sometimes we also fall into deception voluntarily.

The perfect lie does not exist

Suppose someone is trying to tell the perfect lie. To achieve this, this person must first elaborate a meticulously structured narrative.Each piece of the lie must fit perfectly with the others and the whole must be credible. This version must then be coordinated with what she will say later. The effort is monumental.

Even if it manages to build a perfectly coherent story, it is not enough.She should also dominate her body language perfectly.In other words, do not hesitate, do not show that it hides something. His gaze must remain fixed, his pupils quiet, his hands in a relaxed position.

Lying to perfection is a superhuman feat. There may be only one or two people in the world who can do it. But for ordinary people, it's impossible mission. And that is precisely why the unconscious detects lies. In a fraction of a second, he identifies and interprets signals that go beyond words. This allows him to notice the deception.

The unconscious detects lies, according to an experience

TheAssociation for Psychological Sciencepublished a research in which it has been proven that the unconscious detects lies.The results of the study appeared in the prestigious journalPsychological Science. No doubt is possible. The researchers claimed that the majority of people are very bad at knowingly identifying deception. About 54% of people do not realize they are being lied to.

The researchers suspected the unconscious of detecting lies, even when the person did not consciously realize it or did not take into account what these deep areas of the mind were telling him. To prove this theory, they used a group of 72 volunteers.A video was presented to them. We see people stealing $ 100 and others innocent.

Each of these people gave explanations about it and the participants had to decide whether they were guilty or innocent. Only 43% of participants gave the correct answer. But the researchers did not stop there. They measured their unconscious responses to each of the people in the video. Thus, they were able to verify that the vast majority of people were able to associate the culprits with terms such as "dishonesty" and vice versa.

Why is this paradox happening?

So far, the reasons why there is such a strong contrast between the conscious and the unconscious (in terms of the ability to capture deceptions) could not be established with accuracy.Apparently, everything is related to our tendency to give more credence to intellectual content than to intuitive content.We listen to the voice of reason but we are deaf to rumors of instinct.

Otherwise,we know that there are situations in which the victim of deception wants to participate. The most typical case occurs during certain episodes of infidelity.The deceived people are used to saying that they "did not realize anything". When one looks closely at these types of situations, one discovers that there are a lot of clues to which the victim did not want to pay attention. In these cases, the unconscious detects the lies but the conscience refuses to admit the evidences not to live a painful experience.

All this leads us to think thatpaying attention to the messages of our intuition can be a good idea. We must stop thinking that our reason is the only one to hold the keys to the truth.We are not only reason or heart: we are also intuition. And intuition is an important source of wisdom.

The theory of the unconscious according to Sigmund Freud

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