The traps of the ego that oppose our freedom and our personal development

The traps of the ego that oppose our freedom and our personal development

The pitfalls of the ego hinder our happiness.This essence of our being is indeed never satisfied. She anesthetizes us with her demands, her fears and her tips. It leads us to a crazy attachment to place us in an eternal comfort zone where nothing happens. We must be able to clean up the ego to make it that extraordinary psychic tendon that promotes our freedom.

We often get lost in definitions when we talk about this psychological dimension.Sigmund Freud defined ego as the entity that is forced to negotiate almost daily with impulses and social norms.It is also this structure that can be rationalized and balanced through personal work. As Eckhart Tolle says, the thing changes slightly if we now move to Eastern or spiritual approaches.

In this last case,the ego is a type of unhealthy self-consciousness magnetized by selfishness.It is this inner strength that we need to know how to control, educate and redirect.

Nevertheless, both in the Freudian approach and in that nuanced by Eastern philosophies, there is a common axis on which we can rely. It is a question of the need to educate him, to modify his impulses and toremove this unhealthy film to make it something brighter, more useful and in tune with ourpersonal development.

To know the pitfalls of the ego is undoubtedly the threshold from which to become aware of many of its dynamics. Let's discover these traps below.

"Your ego can become an obstacle to your work, if you start to believe in your greatness, it's the death of your creativity."
-Marina Abramovic-

The pitfalls of the ego

The key to well-being, one that promotes self-realization and a genuine sense of happiness, is the balance. Some venture to say that there is nothing like putting the ego "regime" to achieve it.

We should do with him the same thing we do with our food. We often follow unsuitable diets where saturated fats end up inflaming and swelling us. So instead of being satiated, we are more thirsty and hungry.

The same thing happens with the ego.The desire for praise, recognition, approval or power breeds a false self-esteem that is always hungry.The one that ends up deflating. We must produce muscle, we must exercise our psychological values ​​through humility, determination and psychological flexibility. It is therefore essential to identify the pitfalls of the ego so recurrent among many of us.

1. The desire to always be right

Some people are so. They do not care that the evidence is as strong as a ten-story building.Some people still wish to have the truth in their favor, in any circumstance and at any time or condition. They do not hesitate to deploy the most varied tips (and harmful) to always tilt the scales on their side.

The ego, under such circumstances, weighs too much and does not help anyone. This is a bear trap that we must learn to recognize and delimit.

2. Why do not others act as I wish and hope?

We all have more or less already had this sensation. That of desperation to see that the people we value do not do what we want or behave as we wish. The fact ofwanting those who make up our closest circles to always act as we wish is not just one of the pitfalls of the ego. It is also a source of suffering.

The ideal in these cases is not to condition ourselves, to limit ourselves to being and to let. Indeed, to respect, and even to appreciate, that others act according to their principles and desires is an act of respect and personal development.

3. The constant feeling of lack

If I had a bigger house, I would be happy. If I could save a little more, I could buy the cell phone that just released such mark. If I had a loving and helpful spouse, life would be perfect …

If we look good,the feeling of lack is present in a large part of our society.We never feel complete or satisfied. We always lack something, we always need this detail which would offer us immeasurable happiness if we had it. However, the satisfaction becomes obsolete when we reach the goal, so that we put our hopes in another thing, another dimension, another person.

4. The need for approval

We all need to feel accepted.We finally evolve in social contexts where cohabitation is always more fluid and meaningful if we accept each other. Nevertheless, as we indicated beforehand, the key lies in the balance.Feeling accepted is a good thing. We try to always get the approval of others is however not very beneficial. Such an attitude puts chains on our freedom and personal fulfillment.

The ego and its need for recognition sometimes have to be put on a diet. He must lose enough weight to make decisions without permission from anyone.

"Egoism is the source of all misery"

-Thomas Carlyle-

5. Feeling inferior (or superior) to others

The pitfalls of the ego are not drawn solely through abuse. By the narcissism of the one who wants more, who believes more than anyone or needs more than anyone else. These pitfalls of our personal growth also consist of feelings of lack.

Feeling inferior to others, believing that all our efforts are in vain while others are superior to us in everything, also leads us to suffering. The egosAnorexics also make the mind sick, they limit us and turn us into blurry shadows.

We must never forget that personal integrity also requires the ego to be able to protect itself, but without falling into excess. We need a centered, strong self-esteem that knows how to validate and generate respect for others.

To conclude,traps of the ego are those pitfalls in which we often leave a lot ofdignity and self-esteem. It is about this little man who lives in us and who likes to poison us with false needs, with the constant rumor of I want that, I miss it, I can not stand that, I hate that …

Let's learn how to silence that annoying voice. We will manage day by day to identify a little better its ruses in order to readjust its dynamics and make them play in our favor.The ego should never be an obstacle. He should be that humble, wise and focused ally who helps us grow a little more each day.

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