The three sentences of high performance, according to Manuel Coloma

The three sentences of high performance, according to Manuel Coloma

High performance is not a concept limited to elite athletes or great business men / women. We can all aspire to be very successful people, because we can all become much more than we are today, much more than we have ever imagined.

Because, as you will discover in the lines that follow, high performance is not so much a question of knowledge or technique, but a question of impulse; an impulse that comes from each of us. For Coloma, high performance depends directly on the ability to steer and align all our capabilities towards the goal we seek. And this applies to sport as well as to professional and personal life. In this article, we will examine his approach to high performance and how to implement it.

"When we talk about high performance, we are talking about something that is done, so it must be measurable, because what matters is not so much what we know, but what we can do with what we know."

-Manual Coloma-

To give the best of yourself, you must know your limits

Manuel Coloma proposes that to achieve a high level of performance, it is necessary to know one's own limits, then to ignore and break them.. High performance is about breaking the boundaries of what we think is the maximum we can know or do today.

We are constantly changing, says Coloma. We are constantly striving for excellence, which means that we must maintain our high expectations in order to increase our performance.

The phases of high performance

For Manuel Coloma, High performance is based on three properties or phases: energy, daring and patience.

Energy: knowledge + technical + technical + motivation

Energy is what allows people to cope with the work they have to do. In sports, talking about energy is about physical skills. In our daily work, energy is the knowledge, the technique with which we can develop our work and motivation.

Motivation is particularly important to reach this energy because it is the impetus to do what we have to do. Because without dynamism, without motivation to do, it is of little use to have a lot of knowledge or master the techniques.

Audacity: ability to differentiate

Audacity is creativity, innovation and proactivity. Coloma explains that daring is about going beyond the screenplay, looking for new solutions, seeing something where others have not seen it, doing what others have not done.

In other words, for Coloma, daring is linked to the ability to differentiate oneself from others. Something that has nothing to do with energy, but with the way we are able to adapt, to be flexible, with the capabilities that we are able to deploy at any time.

Patience: metabolizing the lived experience

For Manuel Coloma, patience is lived and metabolized experience, wisdom. He explains that only when we reach this last phase will we know if we need to focus more on energy or daring.

Overall proprioceptive behavior: master the floor

When a person has been able to go through these three stages, energy, daring and patience, it manifests what Manuel Coloma calls a proprioceptibly global behavior. Proprioception has to do with how we perceive ourselves in the environment, with the ability to dominate the space in which we work.

Coloma calls it "dominating the floor", just as a tennis player dominates the court or a stockbroker dominates his stage. Master the floor, it is therefore able to predict the extent and consequences of your actions.

For itit is essential to be positive and optimistic, which implies the following:

  • Think about what you want to achieve.
  • Keep fit, both physically and mentally.
  • Invest resources, especially time.

"People need to be involved in a continuous personal development process that allows them to strive to improve, adapt to new circumstances, adapt to changes in life."

-Manual Coloma-

The search for high performance

Coloma clearly says that anyone who wants to achieve a high return must first become an independent person who is able to do his job on his own, without having someone in front of him to see and tell him what to do.

A person is autonomous when he takes the impulse of himself, of his inner motivation. It is these people who will come closer and closer to achieving a high return.

That's why Coloma says those who want to achieve a high level of performance should be more concerned with motivation and internal drive than with technique and knowledge, since these can be acquired.

Manuel Coloma is a graduate in psychology and a high performance expert. He has been a professional basketball coach for three decades and a basketball coach for six years. While leading the Spanish women's national team, he won the first gold medal for Spanish basketball in 1993.

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