The three masks of pathological narcissism

The three masks of pathological narcissism

Masks of pathological narcissismare manipulative mechanisms used by narcissists to hide their intentions and true condition.They do not want to appear pretentious or arrogant. So that they hide it behind such mechanisms. This is sometimes effective and ends up confusing those who are with them.

Narcissism is the exaggerated self-esteem and esteem that a person bears on himself.So we are talking about pathological narcissism when a person overestimates what they are and, moreover, has a need excessive to be admired fromothers. This happens because, basically, there is an unconscious disregard for themselves.

” Postmodernism is nothing more than an additional degree on the personalization scale of the individual dedicated to narcissistic self-service and indifferent kaleidoscopic combinations. “

-G. Lipovetsky-

People with denatured narcissism can become very destructive to others.They become, in their eagerness to reaffirm themselves, manipulators, cruel or abusivetowards others. They do not do it consciously, but deceive themselves about their behavior. These people build the masks of pathological narcissism to convince themselves and others that they do not have an exacerbated pride. Here are the three most common cases.

1. Fictitious self improvement

Fictitious self-improvement is one of the masks of pathological narcissism. It is essentially about progressing, evolving or growing, not for the sincere purpose of being better, butin the hidden one to awaken admiration, envy or submission to others.

One of the characteristics of pathological narcissism is that it puts forward a form of self-esteem called "conditional self-esteem". This means that the sense of personal worth is not born of true self-esteem, but depends on the assessment others make of them.

This type of peopleinsist on being better, not as an end but as a means. Their ultimate goal is to win over others. To make them submit to their plans or feel inferior. The fact that these people often and publicly boast of their progress betrays this mask of pathological narcissism. As well as the fact that they also reproach others for not noticing them or not emphasizing them enough.

2. Self-sacrifice, one of the masks of pathological narcissism

It is one of the most misleading masks of pathological narcissism. The individual tasks hereon sshoulders responsibilities that do not fall to him, supposedly to help others solve their problems. These people even end up depriving themselves of property and privileges or suffering from very difficult situations for others.

The problem is that their intention is really not to do something positive for others. What they are really looking for is to succeed in generating authority and dependence on others. Self-sacrifice enables them to put a veil of kindness, generosity or submission on their behavior. This sacrifice serves only to hide a much more selfish purpose: to exalt oneself.

As in the previous case, this type of masks fall very easily.Whoever sacrifices himself will soon put forward everything he does for others. He will try to make those who "help" feel guilty by demanding special treatment or consideration from them. The narcissist will claim a status of superiority in front of others. It is also frequent that face a real scandal of victimization.

3. Fantasies of greatness

People with a certain pathological narcissism feed fantasies of grandeur linked to themselves. They usually feel really better than others. In a conscious way, to say the least. They always compare themselves to others and always win, according to them. They are better, more tolerant and more capable, even if they are not.

One of the most characteristic traits of this type of person is that they feel they have a "right to anger".In other words, they think they have a license to get angry. Their anger is sacred. They explode because the others pushed them there. They shout because they can not tolerate others being unfair to someone as good as they are. These people are offended to avoid injustice or to achieve any other laudable goal.

They sometimes manage to convince others of this.The most typical case is that of the leaders who mistreat their collaborators for an alleged desire for improvement and perfection in all areas. An entire group is sometimes victim or object of these fantasies of greatness.

The masks of pathological narcissism are mechanisms for concealing the ego. The narcissist does not want to see himself as such in the eyes of others. That's why he uses these devices to hide his basic personality traits.A person who acts in this way suffers a lot and especially needs help.

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