The theory of Yin and Yang: the duality of balance

The theory of Yin and Yang: the duality of balance

The theory of Yin and Yang tells us that everything is built around two opposing forces that are unified in harmony to promote movement and, in turn, change. So, while Yin symbolizes darkness, water, intuitive and its ability to feed life. Yang is impulse, light, expansion and fire.

This concept anchored in Taoism itself constitutes a wonderful undeniable reflection framework. Now, in the middle of this suggestive and conceptual dialectic game where everything seems to have its opposite and turn the other part complementary, it is an obvious fact. A nuance that characterizes each of us, this modern society, advanced, luminous and, of course, globalized.

The theory of yin and yang is not limited to Chinese philosophy exclusively, but can be applied to all existing concepts.

Right now, our personal vision is limited to see everything around us in absolute and dichotomous terms. People are good or bad. You are rational or emotional. You are with us or with you. If you are not smart, you are ignorant. Happiness is the opposite of sadness. If you do not defend the truth, you prefer the lie. In turn, we built a social network where Yang is stressed in almost every scenario.

We appreciate the emotional rational, the emphasis on the strength, dynamism and sense of dominance that frames patriarchal societies many times. We have forgotten the more holistic approach, that perception is able to see reality as a continuum rather than a set of forces where one must always prevail over the other.

Let's think about it together.

The theory of Yin and Yang

We all know the classic symbol of Yin and Yang. Thus, although this scheme has its distant origins in Chinese philosophy, we can say that this idea, this concept has its testimony in many cultures. the manifestation of the double also appears in the Hindu, Egyptian or Hebrew tradition, which contrasts day and night, masculine and feminine, the earth and the sky. Define this feeling of harmony where the opposite is completed. It's a dynamism and a flow that gives meaning to life.

On the other hand, what the Yin and Yang theory suggests is that each of us who come to this "complete" world. In our being the fusion of capacities, qualities and characteristics constitutes a varied, immensely rich and sometimes even contradictory set. However, we perceive a number of defining characteristics that are very concrete and absolute. For example, we can see ourselves as noble, wise and benevolent. However, we also forget that violence can happen at the most unexpected time.

What we choose to hide

We can conceive ourselves as very active, but sometimes also laziness embraces us. We can be happy and desperate the same day. These beings are capable of love and hatred at the same time (in the same person). In addition, one can lead a society governed by logic and objective reasoning and at any time, wake up, and undergo change. Realize that this is not the way and focus on your life in a more intuitive and emotional way.

Carl Gustav Jung has spent much of his life studying this idea. He is a Swiss psychologist for whom the human being lives in a continuous contradiction. Although we are all in this world to finish our education, despite the context or even our subconscious, we choose what we do not want to hide. Why deny what we must reject.

Thus, men, for example, choose to hide their Yin, the feminine part, more emotional, sensitive and intuitive to relegate to a corner to polish the Yang. In this aspect more dynamic, conquering, strong and energetic. Jung explained that everything we do not accept or avoid to explore. And this act, to hide what you do not want to take, generates suffering and contradictions.

"Accept your dark side, the understanding that will help you to come to light.The knowledge of both sides of our souls, help us all to move forward in life and understand that perfection does not exist"

R. Lemieux-Martin

Yin and Yang: the symbol of transformation

The theory of yin and yang is inhabited by subtle but interesting nuances as the source of inspiration. Its symbol, the central wavelength that divides the circle, reminds us that life is not static. In this way, it symbolizes the impulse of energy, the resurgence of change and the ultimate need to transform, to move towards steady growth.

In turn, we can also see how in the center of each part there is another smaller circle and with the opposite color. It symbolizes the seed of the opposite. The theory of yin and yang reminds us that we should not see ourselves in absolute terms. Nor should we see life in the classic prism by which everything is white or everything is black. In the human being, as in his life, everything is relative and everything can change at a given moment.

Our personal harmony begins with our own ability to maintain the balance between all the forces that come together in us. To be happy, you must know how to handle sadness. To love with maturity, one must also love the chiaroscuro of the other. To contribute to our development as human beings, we must find that point where the emotional and rational air, a space of self-knowledge, acceptance and expansion.

Let us try to work on the opposing energies that still inhabit us to create a more harmonious, meaningful and above all satisfying whole.

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