The tale of soup and communication problems

The tale of soup and communication problems

Once upon a time there was a woman sitting alone at a restaurant table. After reading the map, she ordered an appetizing soup that caught her attention. The waiter, very kind, served her, then resumed her work. When he passed by her, the woman made a sign to him, and he came quickly to her.

– What can I do for you, ma'am?
– I wish you enjoyed the soup.
The waiter, surprised, kindly asked him if the soup was bad, or if it did not please him.
– That's not it, I'd like you to taste the soup.
After a few seconds of thinking, the waiter thought that the soup might be cold. He informed the lady, half asking her the question, and half apologizing.
– Maybe the soup is cold? Do not worry, I will fix this problem right away …
– The soup is not cold. Could you taste it, please?
The waiter, disconcerted, left aside his amiability to devote himself to solving the problem. It was not customary to taste the dishes of the customers, but the lady insisted so much that he saw more options than to yield to his request. What was the problem with this soup? He used his last cartridge:
– Madam, tell me what's going on. If the soup is neither bad nor cold, tell me what's going on. If necessary, I change it.
– Please forgive me but I have to insist: if you want to know what's going on with this soup, then enjoy it.
Finally, faced with a request so categorical of the lady, the server eventually accept. He got closer to the lady, and, getting ready to take a spoon to taste, he realized … there was no spoon on the table. Even before he had time to react, the lady dropped the verdict:
– You see ? There is no spoon. That's the problem with soup: I can not eat it.

If you've read this story, taken from a Jorge Bucay storybook, you'll realize that there are many who think that they can make themselves understood by others with simple innuendo, without going to the fact but by going around the bush, convinced that their interlocutor (s) will guess what they want to say or do, or what they think.

As a result, communication is difficult, whereas it could be much simpler. The others are not in our head, and even if certain things seem obvious to us, they are not necessarily obvious, because everyone has his way of acting and thinking.

And you, how do you communicate? Do you make simple innuendo, or on the contrary, do you use clear and direct language?

Do you know people who communicate as the woman of this tale?

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