The Superman complex: how to recognize it and treat it?

The Superman complex: how to recognize it and treat it?

For many people, work is an important part of life. It can even be everything for them; they live for and by work.Some of those people considered addicted to work may suffer from the Superman complex.

The Superman complex is characterized by excessive self-sufficiency, determination, demands and speed of action by some people when they are doing an activity.This resort is much more common in professional environments, though it can be anytime, anywhere. At home, at friends' meetings, etc.

The name of "Superman complex" was invented by the business leader Max Carey.He suffered from it himself and was the first to paint a portrait of this complex. According to him, people who suffer from the Superman complex consider that they must do everything alone.They do not just do a lot of activities – they try to do it a lot better than others.

Now that we know what the Superman complex is, let's see how we can recognize it and treat it.

How to recognize the Superman complex?

In a professional environment, a multitude of relationships develops between the workers. Each of them acts in a different way. We always find the talker, the lazy, the introvert and even the one who works more than the others.Work effort is not a negative attitude, but it should not be excessive.If it is, it means that the person may be suffering from work addiction or the Superman complex.

It is therefore important to recognize someone who may be suffering from this complex. This is the first step, the one that helps him. We would recognize a Superman complex in someone who:

  • Overwork.This person does everything alone,without asking others to help, even if she needs it.She does not delegate anything, and it does not matter if the activity is long or difficult.
  • Has a very big ego and pride.This someone does not admit that he needs help. He never shows his weaknesses or weaknesses and does his best to hide any sign of vulnerability.
  • Consider the best in everything.The person may think that she is the only one with the skills to perform a task.
  • Is lonely, do not trust anyone. Therefore, no one will tolerate cohabiting with.The person with a Superman complex is extremely competitive and demanding with others.

Physical and social effects of the Superman complex

Those who suffer from the Superman complexusually hurt their bodies.Their backs, especially, as well as their necks, hips and knees.Why? Because they work a lot of hours a day and try to do everything in the best way possible.This includes activities involving, for example, carrying very heavy objects.

People suffering from this complexneglect, indirectly, their social relations.They are disconnected from their private lives and this includes all relationships, whether family, couple or friendship. If they have children, they almost abandon them to achieve a level of perfection in their work.Because for this person, work is much more important than family and friends.

How to treat the Superman complex?

The first step in finding a solution is to recognize the existence of the problem. Then, we must ask for help and, of course, channel the one that others bring us without us asking. It is also importantlearn to delegate tasks when it becomes necessary.After all, teamwork is extremely effective.

Finally, one must learn to be humble and to recognize that others may have similar or even higher performance. If the person who suffers from the Superman complex is having trouble accepting this reality, Max Carey recommends stopping working momentarily. If the problem gets complicated,seeking help from a professional will be the best decision to make.

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