The stress of the housewife

The stress of the housewife

Stress itself is a theme about which we could dedicate hundreds of pages. However, some sectors of the population are especially sensitive to the effects of stress. In this case, we are referring to the stress of the housewife.

The role of housewife being a common occupation of taking care of everything that refers to the home, we can think that it is an occupation that does not involve pressure. On the other hand, there is nothing further from reality because the tasks to be faced in this function are varied and of great responsibility.

The causes of stress are considered to be intensive work, excessive responsibility, lack of entertainment, etc. For this reason, and logically we will position housewives in the category of potentially stressful occupations. Indeed, the housewife is exposed to many stressors.

The housewife: a superwoman with super powers

We can consider the housewife as a woman whose primary daily activity is taking care of her family and home. For this, there exists in her a set of obligations that require physical and mental effort.

As for physical effort, it may not be very intense. On the other hand, it is continuous, with few breaks, which leads to a great exhaustion. Physical exercise as an obligation (work) does not have a time limit. From the moment she wakes up and until she goes to bed, the housewife must be active to meet the needs of her family. Starting from taking personal care, to feeding; almost all tasks depend on the housewife. Not to mention the families in which there is a person in a state of dependency: the responsibility of taking care often falls on the housewife.

At the same time, the housewife must maintain order and cleanliness in her home. This activity never ends, so it must be done on a daily basis. Furthermore, there is an aggravating factor: the feeling of unnecessary work because of ephemeral results. Order to mess up to order again the next day.

The housewife makes a physical effort of great continuity

We have already said that the physical effort of the housewife depends more on continuity than on intensity. However, some people might assume (and not without reason) that their effort is equally intense: move furniture, carry loaded bags, take a child in the arms …

It is certain that the housewife has moments of rest. Also, she can count on the night to sleep. But can she rest or does she know how to do it? The housewife must be available in the event of an unexpected day or nightespecially when there are small children who cry, call or get sick.

Any physical exertion leads to body fatigue. The body fatigue attracts with it the muscular fatigue and the decrease of the activity by exhaustion. The stress of the housewife is amplified by these physical factors.

The stress of the housewife is also the result of a psychic effort

It is often thought that the activities of the housewife do not involve any work for the mind. However, it is far from the truth. She must think about the menu, calculate the costs, solve the problems of her children, etc. The challenges it faces are many and varied.

For many professions, this mental work is recognized: we speak for example engineers, lawyers, project managers or air traffic controllers. However, if we analyze the missions of these professions and those of the housewife; we will realize that tasks such as planning, resource management or communicative intelligence are important in both cases.

On the other hand, the psychic effort pushes to mental fatigue. It diminishes the capacity for concentration, emotional instability then appears, the illusion erodes little by little … Thus, the stress of the housewife is consolidated through the psychic effort to which she is exposed.

The housewife also has her own life

A housewife is first and foremost a person. It has its conflicts, its emotions and is endowed with the psychological ornaments associated with the human essence. What would happen if, in addition to the stress associated with being a homemaker, we add other types of stress ("unrelated to this role").

At present, many housewives who in addition to having to bear all the weight of the "home", work outside the home. So these are able to provide two full-time jobs, with little or no help and often little understanding from others.

We are talking about deaf work, which is often done by women who receive only a tiny part of the recognition they deserve. The feeling of being ignored dispels a sense of stress in them. The feelings of loneliness and isolation are then felt between the walls of the home.

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