The story of the wolf that nobody listened to

The story of the wolf that nobody listened to

Little Red Riding Hood's children's tale is one of the best-known and best-loved stories in years. The original version is narrated from the point of view of the little girl, who is threatened, as well as his grandmother, by a terrible fierce wolf.

Whenever we heard this tale, we thought it was the true version of Little Red Riding Hood and most people have never wondered what the wolf had to say about all this. But as an alleged culprit in this story, he surely has something interesting to add to it.

Lief Fearn, in 1988, decided to take the story from another point of view, that of the wolf and allowed him to tell his own story. His story helps to make us understand that sometimes it is necessary to listen to both versions before judging anyone.

The story of the slandered wolf

The forest was my house. I lived there and took care of it. I was always careful to keep it clean and tidy. On a sunny day, while I was picking up trash that strollers had left on Sunday, I heard footsteps. In a hurry, I hid behind a tree and saw a little girl coming down the path with a small basket in her hand.

Immediately, I suspected her because she was dressed a little crazy, all red, with her head covered, as if she did not want to be recognized.

Of course, I stopped to find out who it was, and I asked her what her name was, where she was going, and so on. She told me that she was going to bring food to the grandmother and she seemed to me to be an honest person. However, she was still in my forest and she was weird with her weird chaperone, so I warned him of the danger of crossing this wood without first asking for permission and especially with such a glaring outfit.

I let her go on her way and then I hurried, by a shortcut I knew, to get to her grandmother's house before her. When I saw this nice old lady, I explained the problem to her and she agreed with me that her granddaughter needed a lesson. We decided she would stay out of the house but she hid under the bed. I then dressed with her clothes and got into bed.

When the granddaughter arrived, I invited her to enter the room. When she sat in the bed, she started by saying something unpleasant about my big ears. I had already been told things like that before, but I did what I could to defend my ears and I told him that thanks to them, I could hear better.

I also wanted to tell her that I loved her tone of voice and how she used it to tell stories. I really wanted to hear what she had to say to me, but she immediately made another comment on my bulging eyes. As you can imagine, I started to feel a certain dislike for this little girl who, in appearance, was very good but was actually not very nice. But as it is a habit for me to hold the other cheek, I told her that my big eyes helped me to look at her better.

The next insult really hurt me. I am aware that my teeth are not very pretty, but the comment she made was very unpleasant. So, even though I did everything I could to control myself, I jumped out of bed and told him furiously that my teeth were serving me to eat better!

Now, let's be honest, everyone knows that no wolf would not eat a little girl. But this crazy girl started running around the house screaming and me behind, trying to calm her down until a forest ranger appeared unexpectedly at the door of the house with an ax in her hand.

The worst of all was that I had removed the mother-grand dress and I immediately noticed that I had put myself in an inextricable situation. Without seeing any other option, I threw myself out of the open window and ran as fast as I could.

I would have liked to say that this is how this story ended but the grandmother never told the truth. A little after, Rumors began to circulate that I was bad and unfriendly, and everyone started to avoid me. I do not know what happened to this little girl with this red hood, but since that incident, I have never been able to live in peace again.

The art of listening

As we see in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, we tend to see a story from one version, without seeing what others might bring. Faced with the same reality, each person can live and experience things in a different and unique way.

In order to know another person's version, it is necessary to show interest in it and to take a moment to listen to it. So, not to consider things as fixed and not to be prisoners of judgment towards others can avoid misunderstandings.

Asking and knowing how to listen is often more difficult than speaking and giving your opinion. We often tend to listen only to answer, not to understand. Before filling our mouths with words, we should fill our ears with what the person has to say to us.

Ask first, then judge

Ignored and slandered, the wolf was convicted without anyone ever being interested in his version. To have asked him in time or to give him the opportunity to explain himself would have allowed us to know his point of view and not to condemn him so quickly.

In most cases, Little Red Riding Hood is not as innocent as the wolf is guilty of.

The wolves we condemn too quickly without being interested in what they had to tell are numerous in our society. In the same way, many of us have been wolves in the minds of cellos who have listened to different versions of ours.

Remember that in stories, there are as many points of view as there are people involved. Listening to the different versions, asking the different parties and not judging too fast will help you that the wolves of your life can live in peace.

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