The skin does not need words

The skin does not need words

It is curious to know that, according to some researches, the first sense that we develop at the embryonic level would be touched.

We can not see whether to hear, and yet we already react to the rustling in the amniotic fluid, so the touch could be the most primitive sense of the human being.

Even blind animals are able to survive by capturing reality through the sensations that the environment transmits.

The skin is a wonderful transmitter of information and emotions that covers our body like a very precise kind of radar.

The skin speaks of anxieties and joys

Many people go to medical consultations with various pathologies such as eczema, baldness, or virulent acne, without finding effective solutions for their case.

The known treatments are exhausted without solving the problem, nor relieving what our skin exteriorizes and which undoubtedly comes from an inner suffering. We are not a congregomer of water and amino acids without spirit and without soul, on the contrary, sometimes our brain is the culprit of this externalization of pathologies.

The skin speaks of our sorrows and joys almost every day. Indeed, we blush when we are told something amiable. When someone who draws us approaches, our hands sweat, when we are nervous, we get angry or we blush with joy or shame, etc.

The skin is able to release a large amount of neurotransmitters that mediate our emotions and thus maintain a close relationship with the brain.

The skin is an indicator of our state of being, which, if not well managed or channeled, can end up developing diseases.

Where medicine does not arrive: psychodermatology

Doctors assure that many allergies are actually due to emotional problems. Indeed, inflammatory lichens (mycosis) are the product of situation that generate a lot of stress or anxiety, such as the fear of losing a job, a family problem, etc.

These pathologies are the physical evidence that something is wrong and that we put our immune system to the test.

It is from there that a specialty was created in order to treat this type of diseases, which is the psychodermatology. Social reality has laid the foundations for a specialty where ordinary medicine (dermatology) is really effective for less than 40% of the population.

Treating the skin by treating our emotions first and foremost is a determining factor in resolving severe outbreaks of acne or eczema.

For example, complicated situations show us that the skin is more important than we think, it does not need words to express itself, but through this sense we are able to return the image of our skin. inner world.

The skin speaks and suffers because it is very fragile both inside and out. To take care of it, we will have to take care of ourselves, learn to manage our emotions, our anxieties, our fears and our worries.

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