The Shinkansen effect

The Shinkansen effect

The Shinkansen effect, whose name comes from the famous Japanese "high-speed train", is a method of management and resolution of all types of crises whether they are business, work, personal, couple or spiritual.

The Japanese developed the first high-speed train in history in the middle of the 20th century after losing World War II and facing a period of crisis. The nation put on a social and entrepreneurial transformation that pushed the Japanese to adopt a new mentality known as "the Japanese miracle". This situation assumed incredible economic growth, especially between the 1960s and 1980s.

The Japanese Revolution and the Beginnings of the Shinkansen Effect

Although the entrepreneurial revolution of Japan began after World War II, the world was not really aware of the phenomenon until the early 1990s. This was called "the Shinkansen effect".

In 1993, Jack Welch, the former head of the North American company General Electric, became aware of this phenomenon. At this time, his company was going through a period of crisis during which his employees were limited to practicing the law of least effort. For that, and after meeting with Eiji Mikawa, the head of the General Electric branch in Tokyo, he began to apply new methods.

The Japanese branch performed better than the parent company. This was due to the mentality of sacrifice and the capacity for change maintained by Japanese employees in their country.

The Japanese director then explained to his North American colleague that the country had undergone significant mentality changes in the 1960s when the Japanese government decided to improve its train network during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

In fact, Mikawa proved to us that when we want to increase the maximum speed of a train of 10km / h, it is enough to slightly improve the power of the engine. However, if we want to increase the speed from 150km / h to 300km / h, the design must be totally different. Beyond the application of this discovery to the development of the Shinkansen effect, this change of mentality has been applied to many situations in the country.

Japanese Revolution with Shinkansen Effect

As we have commented, the Shinkansen effect originates from the entrepreneurial revolution experienced by Japan in the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to this new mentality, the nation has managed to develop the first high-speed train. The latter is one of the greatest progress of the 20th century in transportation.

During our life, we experience many personal changes. Some of them involve small improvements that help us get rid of our bad habits. Others allow us to experience such a radical transformation that we have the sensation of starting a new life.

Thus, thanks to the Shinkansen effect, we can learn how certain changes can improve our lives. However, if we want a more radical transformation, we will have to change everything from beginning to end. This is something very easy to say, but difficult to do because when an act supposes in us a certain return, even if it is weak, we can be confronted with certain resistances when we wish to modify it.

For example, we can apply the Shinkansen effect to a couple. After many problems and arguments, he realizes that the two partners are no longer able to understand each other and to be united. So it may be time to move to a completely different stage in the relationship: having new programs, changing some projects and leaving others behind.

This effect can also be applied to professional careers or recovery after a serious health problem. In these moments, it is sometimes necessary to reconsider our routines and try to apply changes to the root to start living in a radically different way.

How to apply the Shinkansen effect?

Applying this change in mentality can be difficult, but it is not complex. To begin, the goal will be to locate the area of ​​our life that requires a change of mentality. After that, we will be able to address the problem and become aware of the habits that require a revolution to test a new solution.

Finally, it is always effective to find support in others who have gone through a similar situation, in addition to friends and family supporting our decisions.Thus, we can achieve a radical change in our life, leaving behind serious problems and passing a new stage, like a kind of rebirth.

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