The serenity of the spirit

The serenity of the spirit

It is almost impossible to describe the suffering caused by the alliance of physical pain and mental pain. Serenity is the only way to support this immense weight, the only remedy that can soothe our lives sometimes filled with frustration and despair.

When we are stressed or agitated, the body automatically produces adrenaline, a hormone used to defend us, but which is particularly conducive to attack.

The more we feel anxiety or fear, the less we will be able to stay in a calm and calm state (physical and mental). And as if it were a mathematical formula, we will have a tendency to rush, to get excited and to explode.

The tranquility, the serenity and the calm allow to appreciate the benefits of the rest. And rest makes it possible to focus on oneself, to reflect, to meditate internally (to analyze our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors) or in a contemplative way (to appreciate the outside world and all that surrounds us).

In all cases, rest and serenity force us to be connected with our mind, to meditate to get to know each other better, control our fears, our guilt and our worries … all the suffering we create unconsciously throughout our lives.

Undeniably, meditation and reflection allow you to soak up the serenity necessary to appreciate life; to consider our relationships lucidly and to free our minds from negative and harmful thoughts.

Little by little, our behavior and will will drive out all the futile elements, and once we are able to associate "the power of serenity" with the capacity to support our loneliness without suffering or prejudice; so a lot of the work will be done.

Whoever is capable of to live with his solitude does not depend on others and does not need to lose his self-esteem to recognize the value of his personality. He will simply have learned to respect and respect himself.

Let's take a break and meditate every day for a few minutes to reach the peace, quiet and peace, so that our lives and those of those around us share this serenity and live in harmony.

"The world is a mirror that refers to each one's own traits"
Thackerry, William

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