The repetition of mantras can calm your mind

The repetition of mantras can calm your mind

Have you ever wanted to silence those thoughts that frustrate or distract you so much? Have you ever heard of the power that repetition of mantras has to calm the mind? Have you ever experienced what happens after you sing one of these sounds, words or phrases? Believe it or not, any mantra recited or sung with confidence and respect is able to calm the mind.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning "tool or instrument of the spirit". These are short and repeated words, phrases or sounds that can be used as a form of relaxation or meditation. These sounds can be as simple as Om popular or longer phrases and sayings.

Mantras function as a spiritual formula. By continually repeating themselves, they have the ability to transform consciousness and activate the energy centers, which helps the person to reach deep states of concentration.

How can the repetition of mantras calm the mind?

Different studies have studied the benefits of mantras. For example, a new study published in the journal Brain and Behavior revealed that the silent repetition of a word for oneself calms the system responsible for the dispersion of the mind when it thinks of different things.

Although we know that meditation for a while can change the brain, scientists are still deciphering what it means to repeat a simple word, phrase or sound. This study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to examine cerebral blood flow patterns when people who were discovering meditation tried to silently repeat a single word.

The images showed a generalized reduction of activity (or "deactivation") in the brain during silent repetition, mainly in the default neural network, the system responsible for self-reflection and self-control. In other words, the simple repetition of the sounds seems to really calm the inner thoughts.

The default neural network of the brain is responsible for thoughts when we are left alone and no one disturbs us. At that moment, the mind is busy, even if we do nothing. The default neural network is wandering the mind, thinking about the past, wondering about your future, and imagining what others think about us, for example.

So, since the repetition of simple mantras rejects this network, it can help explain the soothing effect of mantras.

Try the mantra Om

The syllable Om is considered the mother of all syllables of seeds or bija mantras. It is believed that this type of mantra contains creative power and primordial energy, like a seed containing a tree.

practice Om at the beginning and end of a yoga session or a breathing session, relaxation or meditation to soothe your mind. You can even try it like this, to see what happens.

The mantra Om can help you free your mind of thoughts that distract you. Let your mind focus solely on the resonant sound vibrations of your body.
  • Sit in a comfortable position. For example, any meditation position (including the meditation position of the chair)
  • Inhale deeply by the nostrils
  • Close the eyes
  • Start at pronounce the syllable Om

Om contains the following sounds: A + O + M

  • A: open your mouth. Start the sound in the back of your mouth and direct the airflow to a point between your eyebrows. Keep making the sound with your expiration. Do not be afraid to be noisy, you should feel the vibrations in your mouth and your throat.
  • O: sound and breathing must continue to resonate and spread through your chest and your whole body.
  • M: place the tip of your tongue at your palate when you reach the end of your expiration. Once finished, there should be a slight final nasal sound.

As we said before, mantras can help us regain control of our mind by getting rid of our thoughts of worry and agitation and thereby diminishing our judgments and ruminations.

Repetition of the mantras, either silently or loudly, will help calm the mind, balance your emotions and unify your breathing. Take control of your mind and choose where to focus your thoughts.

How does yoga help our mind?

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