The Pyramid of Needs and the Internal Balance

The Pyramid of Needs and the Internal Balance

Abraham Maslow published in 1943 his most famous work: A theory on human motivation. In this text, he establishes the existence of a hierarchy between the needs of human beings, organizing them in the form of a structure known as "The Maslow Pyramid".

Maslow's theory

According to this psychologist, there are 5 main levels of needs. Once he has accomplished one, the human being has only one desire: to accomplish the next. At the base of this pyramid we find the physiological and basic needs, then the need for safety and protection, the social needs, the need for self-esteem, and finally, the needs for self-fulfillment.
When people fill a need (or when they feel they have done so), they enter a temporary phase that can be likened to homeostasis. It is a state of internal balance through which one can attain a higher level of happiness and self-fulfillment.

What are the main needs of the human being today?

Nowadays, many needs appear randomly in everyday life, such as the desire to eat something (without being hungry), not eating to prefer to have a roof over one's head, or to get a higher social position etc.

Which brings us to the question: what is the real hierarchy of needs in the modern world?

It is certain that since 1943 many things have changed, and that the world in which we live is in perpetual evolution. It knows many changes, sometimes very important, initiated notably by telecommunications, the constant evolution of technologies, etc.

It is increasingly difficult to reach a state of homeostasis because of lack of time, or because the list of needs that we have to fill has become much more abundant.

In some Asian and European countries, young people are increasingly looking to take time to think and think. They practice more meditation because, in the time we live in, it is easy to lose contact with one's inner self, and to be overwhelmed by the constant noise that comes from the outside world.

It is important for each individual to take time to listen to their inner voice, which allows us to make good decisions. Today, we often make choices in a hurry, devoting 5 seconds of our time, and often taking the path that is indicated to us.

Many diseases could also be avoided if the necessary decisions were taken in time. Indeed, the physiological needs are more and more set aside, and sometimes we are not strong enough or healthy enough to face the everyday.

Meditate and take your time, learn to listen to your inner voice and to ignore the noise that comes from outside. What really matters is reaching happiness, doing things that make you happy, and to achieve your own goals and not those imposed on you by others.

Make your own pyramid of needs, and you can achieve a true inner balance.

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