The psychology of music

The psychology of music

Music has very positive effects on mood;  this is why everyone can apply the psychology of music and thus improve their emotional state.

Listening to music can affect our morale because it improves the emotional state. Indeed, the music we listen to always matches our mood.

What should we listen to when we are sad?

Everyone knows that when you are sad, the best is to listen to lively music or songs with positive lyrics, which give you hope. However, even if it's obvious, many people prefer to listen to sad and negative songs.

We have all already listened to pessimistic and sad music whereas we would have needed to put positive music instead.

Why are we doing this? Simply becausewe let ourselves be guided by our subconscious. When we are sad, the mind demands a higher dose of pessimism, and we start listening to music that matches our mood. We do not appeal to reason, and we listen to our body.

But if you change the way you react and listen to music that can help you become positive, then you break with these unhealthy habits. If you are sad, do not go deeper than you already are, do not be masochistic and choose to listen to what can help you get better.

What should we listen to when we're fine?

When we're fine, our subconscious leads us to instinctively listen to catchy music and positive, without needing to appeal to reason.

Listening to positive music when we're fine can allow us to stay in a good mood, or even be even more. But we can also listen to sad music and to think that since we are well, it will have no negative influence on our morale.

If everything is fine and you feel good, then listening to sad music will not change your mood … as long as you listen to it with moderation and end up listening to something that stimulates and helps to be positive.

Listening to a sad and negative song will always make you feel a little worse.

If we are in a positive emotional state and we are very happy, we will not really be aware of the negative influence that sad music can have on our mood, since our thoughts are directed towards what is positive in our life.

But if things are not at their best and you are not in a positive state of mind, listening to sad music will only push you deeper into your melancholy.

The brain responds automatically

When you hear music, the brain automatically responds according to the sound it perceives. If it is catchy, then we will begin to move his body, to adapt his movements to the rhythm of the music we hear, which is good for morale.

It's the same with relaxing music, classical music. As soon as you hear it, a feeling of peace, relaxation, calm and rest takes over the brain, provided that we are able to focus exclusively on what we are listening to.

Several studies done at Massachusetts General Hospital and various other hospitals in Hong Kong have shown that people who listen to music every day for 20 or 30 minutes have a lower voltage than those who do not listen.

The heartbeat settles on the rhythm of the music ; when the waves are fast, the heart beats faster, and when the pace is slow, the heartbeats are more distant.

When we listen to sad music full of negative messages, the brain is invaded by a feeling of sadness, frustration, discouragement, apathy, melancholy …
It all depends on what we have lived in the past and what we live in the present, becauseOften, music is connected to our personal life.

Listening to sad songs is not always negative becausesometimes, they can allow us to learn things or turn the page on certain periods of our lives.
When used wisely, they can help us move forward and make us aware of the mistakes we have made.

If the bad experiences are behind us and they do not make us suffer anymore, we can then listen to sad music and consider it a lesson, like a song that sums up what happened.
If we listen to this type of music intelligently and in moderation, the effects will not always be negative.

It is not only music that can produce positive effects, because if more we sing, then these effects will be increased tenfold.

We invite you to post a comment where you tell us which songs help you when you go wrong, which ones stimulate you, which give you energy.

Do the positive effects of music help you get better?

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