The power of words

The power of words

"Writing is the deepest way of reading life". Francisco Umbral   "Learning to read is the most important thing that has happened to me. Almost 70 years later, I clearly remember the magic of translating words into images. " Mario Vargas Llosa

When sadness suffocates you and you feel that nothing makes more sense … When sadness suffocates you, you think that you are acting badly with your children, your husband or in your work.

When you cross a gray day, even if you pray for a ray of sunshine, the sun does not appear, and then you feel dejected, destroyed by circumstances and you do not even want to hear your inner voices. You only feel pain, sadness, and emptiness.

The power of words …

In those moments where life is slaughtering you and passing you, during these dayswhere you do not believe in yourself or anything,on those days when your self-esteem goes down to hell to settle there, at these moments, you would like a word of hope, a friend's hug or just a "you're worth more than this that you believe, tomorrow the sun will shine for you ".

These words could be the beginning of a letter or diary full of feelings.

These words that are written today are directed to all the people we can help with a gesture, a word or a smile,to this person who does not see things with clairvoyance, to this person who feels suffocated by his pain and who has lost confidence in herself and in others.

These words are directed to the wind, to the world, like a breath of hope. They are directed to all those people who recognize themselves in this humble pen that puts words on the suffering and on all these universal feelings that we do not manifest, out of shyness, by shame or mistrust, and which pierce us to the bones like a fine but cold rain.

Like a constant rain which, little by little, leaves us without words and even without voice, without hope and without forces.

Words serve as vehicles between people because writing and reading are powerful links of expression and communication. This is the most powerful weapon to fight against powers, against governments, etc.

If they are not there for this reason, what is the meaning of thousands of books written in history? What damage could cause a hundred pages with a thousand words written?

We have the power of expression, of freedom, of this magnificent treasure that no one can take away from us.

We are lucky enough to be able to read through books, to travel to other worlds,in other hidden recesses of other people's souls.

We are fortunate to use our pen to express our deepest feelings, because abook, pencil or paper are the means of transport onfaster who exist.

They take us around the world,to share universal feelings.

What better gift than a book, a poem or some written words from the heart? These are the best drugs.

What if the doctor gave us a book to read, instead of prescribing medicine? And if when we are sad, instead of feeling alone, we read a few lines written by someone? Would not we live in a better world?

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