The power of words

The power of words

When we are dealing with children, we pay attention to what we say, because we do not want to teach them too familiar language and we do not want them to repeat without restraint words that could make us ashamed.

Most often, children do not think before speaking, and therefore do not take into account the effect that words can have in a specific context.

Our life evolves according to the words we use, that's why it is better to turn seven times his tongue in his mouth before speaking!

Words have the power to create, but also the power to destroy

We often realize with our friends or in our couple, that sometimes our words can go beyond our thinking, or be misinterpreted.

The best thing to do would be to review, feed, renew our vocabulary. The more we grow up and the more we mature, the more we lose our innocence, which can call into question our capacity to grow.

So we begin to doubt ourselves, to see the glass half empty rather than to see it half full, to be wary of others before even knowing them.

"The refrigerator is not full?" Or "The fridge is full?" Are two similar questions, but in the first, we are already conditioned by the negative.

If you say "I can not do it", you will certainly not succeed, just as if you say "Of course I can do it!", You will definitely get there.

The wind does not carry the words, they stay in our head and our heart, they direct our lives.

If your vocabulary is poor and pessimistic, then your life will be just as bad. We aspire to abundance, peace, happiness … but we say the opposite.

Our future depends on our words, and when we pay attention to the words we use and our way of speaking, then our life begins to change.

We must consider that we are constantly facing children, and do everything to stay on the path we want to follow.

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