The power of optimism

The power of optimism

Optimism is one of the concepts on which the human being relies to give an emotional response to events that occur to him during his life. It is also the central term of Positive Psychology, the conceptual reference at the heart of his studies and participating in his definition.

Let us move away from academic conceptions and focus instead on people's daily lives. Optimism is an emotional tool that can help us achieve goals that are difficult to achieve.

What is optimism?

Optimism can be defined as an approach that is designed to address the situations that present themselves to us during our lifetime.

From this simple description, one can realize the importance of optimism, acting as a catalyst that manages our perceptions and reinforces our behaviors.

The characteristics of optimism

It is very easy to recognize the renewing characteristics of optimism. Here are a few :

• A good mood : it is the most beautiful asset of optimism. However, being in a good mood does not mean being constantly "at the party"; it is rather being able, in difficult times, to help and listen to others.

• Design solutions in the face of adversity: Considering the advantages and solutions to the various problems that we may have to face, it makes us an active being in continual renewal, capable of giving free rein to his capacity for personal discovery.

• Hope: It is the cousin of optimism. To have hope is to believe in the future. On the other hand, hope is also the bearer of another quite healthy emotional concept: illusion.

By being optimistic on a daily basis, we will feed our vital engine in new revolutions. Optimism is the most effective weapon to fight apathy or discouragement, our pet peeves.

To be optimistic is not to try to get away from your responsibilities and simply to think positive. The true power of optimism lies in ourselves and involves an everyday effort, an active attitude to the routine. This is the first step to climb on the ladder of optimism.

To know oneself is to have more facilities to define one's life, one's enemies, one's desires, or any other emotional appetite.

By correctly managing optimism, we conceive of a strategic plan that is as pure as it is healthy, that will enable us to "attack" the different situations that make up our reality and from which we can benefit and thus strengthen.

Finally, an important idea must result from all this: the pessimistic entourage. One must be able to discern and control the sensations that the different sources of pessimism around us offer us.

However, it is and it will be one of the hardest tests that we will have to face. Overcoming these sources, or integrating them in a positive way, will strengthen our ability to be optimistic and hopeful.

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