The power of hugs

The power of hugs

The cuddles we receive without having asked for them, who carry us and fly away, have a great healing power.

Human beings are social creatures full of emotions, who need this daily contact to be able to affirm their relationships and at the same time feel loved. Deeply loved.

We often talk to you about the importance of learning how to live alone, how to avoid unhealthy attachments that sometimes cling to things and people, and even to our personal development. However, everything has a balance and a reason to be.

We all need to feel connected to something or someone, even if we fight against it.

We all have wings to fly, but we also have roots to love and enjoy those relationships that define us.

Cuddles heal the soul and reaffirm our emotions. These are moments of silence in which we must let our hearts beat at the same time. So what, neither fear, nor noise, nor even doubts exist …

Cuddles bring love and security

Cuddling, just like physical contact in general, is responsible for our psychological well-being and our fulfillment.

While most living beings need this contact to bond with their own, the human being needs to caress, embrace, and feel the skin of the other for many reasons worth the effort. to be known.

Our social brain needs hugs and tenderness

When we come into the world, our brain, far from mature, is only 25% developed. The rest of the structures and neural connections will be mainly determined during the first 5 years of life, during which the style of education will be determining.

During the first months of life, there is no language, and communication is established through emotions, of that tenderness, those kisses, those cuddles and that soft voice that rocks and brings security.

If you do not take care of a child who cries, if you do not calm him, do not rock him or cover him with a sincere love, all this generates stress.

A brain used to secreting the hormone cortisol is a brain that does not develop optimally.

Social isolation, or deprivation of affection during early childhood, prevents the maturation of brain cells to form the white matter of the brain.

The brain will also produce less myelin, an essential substance for promoting good communication between neurons.

Thus, all this may lead to cognitive delays, as well as social and emotional deficits.

The importance of hugs in a relationship

The power of a hug is often more important than words. Non-verbal language has a direct influence on our emotional world, and has even more special meaning in our relationships, if accompanied by physical contact.

Something as simple and elemental asa hug brings a feeling of immense fulfillment for the one who gives it and the one who receives it.

The hug is considered a gesture that can feed our brain and bring us, in a given moment, more good than the food itself.

Cuddles do not claim, they are not a bargaining chip and do not ask. It must also be taken into account that all cuddles are not the same.

If they come from someone you love who has a place in your heart, then your brain will release oxytocyne, the hormone associated with well-being and pleasure.

Nothing makes more sense in a moment of doubt or emotional distress than a hug, especially when you are overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.

Feeling strongly, lovingly and sincerely carried by this special person, soothes this cold in the soul almost instantaneously, to prove to us that all is well.

A hug relieves stress, reduces anxiety and promotes our physical and emotional health. He hooks us to the beloved person.

As we told you before, it is important to always maintain your self-esteem and to avoid overly attaching yourself to a person, at the risk of impeding your personal growth.

However, in a couple, these gestures are vital to reaffirm the relationship, because we all need to be reassured and receive while feeling protected.

It is important to be two to build the same unit. So, do not be stingy in hug, do not put it to the next day and do not wait for your half to claim it.

Practice the "bear hug"the one who, with force, cuts you off and gives you a wonderful message: "I am here for you, I share your happiness and your sadness, and I love you".

Do not neglect the cuddles of the heart where tenderness is buried and where there is eye contact. It is a long and sublime hug, pure and unconditional love …

Images courtesy of: Shaun Tan, Lucy Campbell, PEIBEE, Kyungduk Kim.

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