The peaceful warrior: real battles are fought indoors

The peaceful warrior: real battles are fought indoors

"The peaceful warrior" is the name of a film that we particularly recommend.Based on real facts, the film evokes the life of a young man, Dan, who seems to have everything he wants in life. His life is comfortable, he likes women, he has many friends, is a brilliant student, and trains to become a great athlete. Her dream is to become an Olympic medalist.
His life seems perfect, but he is not happy because something is missing inside. One day, he is a motorcycle accident victim, and from that moment, he will learn to outdo himself and to blossom as a person.
Spirituality will enter his life thanks to a philosopher whom he will meet by chance, who is called Socrates, and who will become his guide and his friend. Pride and despair will seize Dan, but gradually he will realize the fabulous power of his mind to overcome adversity.
He will also learn to live truly. Before this accident, he had everything, without really appreciating the little things in life. After this cataclysm, and thanks to the help of Socrates, he will learn to savor every moment of his existence. He will receive great lessons of life, not just a theoretical form, but in all the experiences he will live with his friend philosopher.
He will learn that happiness is not for the purpose that we wish to pursue, but in the path that leads to it, and that having success, titles, and popularity is not what matters. The peaceful warrior is the one who knows how to take advantage of every moment of his life, whoever knows how to refocus on the present moment, and enjoy life to the fullest.
Dan will realize that the frenzied daily life he had before was focused on one goal that was Olympic gold, and that he was not taking advantage of everything else.
At that time, he slept poorly, ate quickly, behaved in a dizzying manner and his life was not satisfactory.
But he will receive support from his friend, and contradict the diagnosis of doctors who said he was unfit for high performance sport. He will recover in pursuit of his dreams, and return to the competition.
"The Peaceful Warrior" is the film adaptation of Dan Millman's eponymous autobiographical book.

Socrates' sentences that will help Dan grow as a person

– People are not what they think they are. They just believe it.

– People believe that they are their own thoughts, and they are wrongly wrong.

– A warrior does not submit to what fascinates him. He likes what he does.

– The present moment is all that matters.

– When you finally get to live in the present, you will be surprised by everything you can do, and by the way you do it.

– Death is not sad. What is sad is people who do not know how to live.

– You can live a lifetime without ever being awake.

– You will never be better, but you will never be worse than others.

– Happiness is something evasive. If you seek him, you will not find him.

– Happiness is in the journey, not in the destination.

– Life is a choice. You can choose to be a victim, or whatever you wish to be.

– Empty your mind of the negative. The negative is all the thought that distracts you from what is really important: to live the moment, now, here.

The three rules

1. The paradox Life is a mystery, do not waste time deciphering it.

2. Humor Do not lose your sense of humor, especially to yourself. He will give you a colossal force.

3. Change Nothing is done to last.

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