The past is the past

The past is the past

Some say this phrase with enthusiasm in passionate songs, others in the middle of a film where the heroine and his prince charming stubbornly convince themselves that the past is the past, and nothing more.

But, it seems to be easier said than done. How many times have we needed to look to the past to move forward? Man is obstinate by nature.

When someone abandons us, we do everything to understand what caused the loss of the relationship, and when nostalgia invades us, we want to reconstruct the past little by little for once more, to let ourselves be carried away by a thousand useless considerations.

In the opposite case, when we abandon someone, we always think of what we did well. "And if I had done this, or that …"
An eternal return to the past, which concerns everyone even if nobody wants to recognize it. We always come back to the past when we made a mistake and we regret it, we were hurt and we feel hurt, when we want to be forgiven for our mistakes while it is too late to catch up with them, or when it comes to complaining of our bad luck, as if there were not a thousand better things that could happen to us.

We can not live in the past. We can only correct our mistakes, ignore our disappointments and move forward. There is no machine to go back in time that one day would take us back to a bygone era when we were happy with someone we lost, who would allow us to find pieces of our broken heart, or again to revisit our bad decisions yesterday …

You have to know how to turn the page, and go forward. The best we can do is weigh the pros and cons when we have to make a choice, take risks if we think about the consequences, and do what we want.

After all, that's what motivates us: regret not having tried, it's worse than making mistakesbecause at least things are concrete; we are wrong, we repair our mistakes and we move forward. On the other hand, if we do not do anything, we always ask ourselves "what would have happened if …?"

We must do the right thing and leave the past behind, live the different phases of denial, hatred and acceptance, which are healthy and normal. If we accept things, then we are ready to go forward, because we understood what happened, why it happened, and we managed to move forward …

The past is the past when we really left behindwhen you do not spend your time saying that you do not think about it anymore if you actually see him every day …
Why waste our energy on stuck in a bygone era, with people and things that will not come back …
Why live that way when we know that the present and the future can offer us other things and make us meet other people …

There are times of our life that we hardly remember and during which we have not made any mistakes, and others that are still in a corner of our head, but are no longer "toxic" or negative, even if they can hurt or frighten us.

All these memories give us experience.The rest is from the past, and it's forgotten.

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